The New Nomad: Party Tents Go Green in the UK

Party Tents at Music FestivalMusic festivals without the mud

I like giant music festivals– what’s not to like? Well, the mud, the cold, and the total lack of privacy for starters. And what about all that waste? Glass bottles, plastic containers, and empty potato chip bags (that’s “crisps” for you Brits!) can lead to a major case of eco-guilt for festival attendees.

Thankfully, 2009 brings good news for eco-concious festival goers. Not only have major music festivals like Glastonbury and Bestival gone green, but the clever folks behind MyHab have come up with a better way for you to recuperate in style. [social_buttons]

Camping in Comfort

MyHab supplies luxury festival and event accommodation in the form of sleek, two-person tents made almost completely out of recycled parts from the UK. Sturdy, comfortable, and positively posh, MyHab is turning outdoor festivals into insider events.

I know what you’re thinking- who the heck wants to set that thing up? They do! Once you’ve reserved your MyHab, all you need to do is show up at the festival. MyHab even organizes carpools and a supervised MyVillage with clean toilets and showers. If they throw in room service, I’m moving.

Corporate Branding We Can Live With

Weary festival goers aren’t the only ones celebrating. MyHab’s recycled cardboard exterior offers greener branding options for brands and corporate events   I don’t know about you, but less mud and more music sounds mighty good to me, especially if it’s better for the environment!

Image credit: Drunken Monkey under a Creative Commons license.

Written by Courtney Maum

Courtney is a freelance copywriter based out of the beautiful Berkshires and the equally beautiful Paris. A curious arrangement, to be sure, but one that allows Courtney to achieve an inspiring balance between her outer cosmopolite and her inner greenie.

Courtney has been working as a freelance writer for quite a while, specializing most recently in brand identity development for eco-luxury clients like Jurlique, Sephora, and SpaRitual. With her filmmaker husband, she also writes screenplays and translates films and documentaries in and out of French. Her short stories and poetry have appeared online and in literary magazines like the Susquehanna Review, In Other Words, and Defenestration. She is currently working on a series of humorous essays about gainful employment.

An active member of the online community, Courtney writes a weekly food column for the cultural networking site,, maintains a lifestyle blog with Parisian shopping and dining tips, and posts current fiction projects on Writings on a Log. You can view examples of her copywriting at

Courtney enjoys ashtanga yoga, real hot chocolate, heady films and organic cotton. Merci for your interest!

She enjoys ashtanga yoga, real hot chocolate, heady films and organic cotton. Merci for your interest!

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