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Logona Tinted Day Cream Perfect Wintertime Foundation

Ok, this really is not your ordinary foundation, but a tinted moisturizer.  When skin is dry a foundation can cause additional dryness and create a taught, parched complexion.  A good tinted moisturizer provides that soft, supple, radiant look we all want.

Logona Tinted Day Cream is the perfect combination of moisture and sheer coverage.  Goes on smooth and creates an even, fresh canvas for makeup.  This product is free from harmful synthetic ingredients and BDIH certified.

Logona Tinted Day Cream contains Witch hazel to balance skin and prevent breakouts gently.  Jojoba oil and Shea butter offer light hydration, while Vitamin E protects against premature aging.  This cream is mild enough for sensitive skin.

If your skin is feeling extremely dry, try mixing this tinted cream with a dab of your regular facial moisturizer for added hydration.  Drinking lots of water and eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (olive oil, nuts, winter squash, and flaxseed) will also help to boost skin’s oil production.

Writer:  Liz Thompson – Organic Beauty Source – Green beauty news, trends, and reviews.

Image credit:  The Nature of Beauty.

Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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