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Flawless Red Lip How-To, Choosing & Applying the Perfect Red for You

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Perfect your pout this February with Benecos Lipstick, Seattle Met Lip Color of the Month.

Stores are awash with the color red right now with both Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year this month.  Get into the spirit with a little color splash of your own.  The Red Lip.

Some women are very comfortable with a red lip and wear it practically every day (think Gwen Stefani).  But many of us are a little intimidated by such a bold shade.  Choosing a shade that suits you and some application know-how will have your confidence rising in time for the festivities.

Choosing the Right Red for You

If there is one thing every girl needs to know, it’s how to choose the perfect red lipstick.  Think of it as the little black dress, or perfect-fit jeans, of make up – if you have the just-right red in your kit you will always be able to fall back on it.  Of course, all natural is best.  Conventional lipsticks often contain mineral oil, artificial color, and even lead.   Lipstick made with pure plant oils and natural mineral color lend intense shades and nourish lips.

Start by choosing the right red for your skin tone.  Unlike the LBD, you don’t want to match your shoes (in this case, lipstick) to your dress.   Think skin tone instead.

There are two color tones when it comes to red lipstick:

Cool shades – These are blue-based reds (think wine hues) and work well on women with pink undertones and fairer complexions.  All natural lipstick cool color choices are Benecos Dark Red —  Seattle Met Magazine’s Lip Color of the Month , Lavera Beautiful Lips Lipstick in Deep Red No. 4, Lavera Beautiful Lips Lipstick in Red Berry Charm No. 5.

Warm shades – These are orange-based reds (think brick and coral hues) and work well on women with yellow undertones and darker complexions.  All natural lipstick warm color choices are Benecos Natural Lipstick in Just Red, Benecos Slimline Natural Lipstick in Exciting.

Here are some recent pics of celebrities touting a crimson pout.  Notice how Kim Kardashian paired a vibrant tomato red with her olive complexion, while fair skinned Anne Hathaway opted for a deep merlot.  Gorgeous!

Applying a Flawless Red Lip

Now that you have discovered the ideal red for you, there are a few tricks to applying a flawless red lip.

  • Exfoliate – Intense color looks best on smooth lips.  Start by very gently massaging lips with a mixture of sugar and honey, then rinse and pat dry.
  • Prime – Dab lips with a light coat of facial powder to prime them for lipstick and help your color stay put.
  • Line – Line lips with lip liner, just be sure to use a liner that is the same color (or very close) as your lipstick.  You do not want to end up with the two-tone 80’s look.
  • Apply 2 coats – Apply your first coat of lipstick and lightly blot with a tissue.  Apply a second coat and you are ready to go.

Now, this next step is important.  Keep the rest of your face semi-neutral.  Red lip + bright blusher + intense eye = Way. Too. Much.  Clean, glowing skin, a little black eyeliner and a touch of mascara are all you need.  Let your lips steal the show.

You are armed with your best red lipstick and step-by-step application guide.  Ready for Valentines’ Day, Chinese New Year celebration…or any day.

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Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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