What’s Your Spring Time Workout?

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We are on Spring Break here and I am taking a break from lots of things, writing included.  One thing I am not taking a break from is getting in shape for summer.  Even though I work out through winter months, I always ramp things up around the beginning of March as shorts and bathing suit weather seems just around the corner.  With weather being so super nice here in the Midwest this spring, this seems more a reality than ever.

My go-to workout is yoga and running.  I like them and they get the job done.  Sometimes, though, you just need to shake things up a bit to get the desired results.  Not to mention a break from the norm.

Last year I did Tracy Anderson’s boot camp style 30-day Method.  This really did jump start my bod into better shape, improving my strength and whittling me down.  The Method is a series of mat exercises combined with cardio dance that you do every day for a month – about 1.5 hours per day.  It works, but the mat work gets a little boring.  Just don’t know if I am feeling that this spring.

My question to all of you lovely FGS readers… “What is your spring time workout this year?”  We’d love to know what you guys are doing to get beach-ready.  Fill us in!

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Written by Liz Thompson

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