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Sexy and Sustainable: 2nd Annual Vert Couture Eco-Fashion Show


Last weekend was the second annual Vert Couture show during Chicago’s Fashion Focus week, and the show featured an innovative eco-friendly runway in addition to conventional shows.

According to Time Out Chicago photographer Nina Pagano:

with the work of Hanh Phan (a dress made of Clif Bar and granola-bar wrappers) being the sole exception. Bianca Alexander, cohost of Vert Couture, wore an amazing dress by Silkutopia: a floorlength gown made from salvaged wedding-dress silk and collected, hand-dyed feathers that swept down the back to the floor (no birds harmed in the making). With sustainability in mind, the designers met the challenge of bringing couture and true ecofriendliness (fair wages and repurposed resources) together. 71jules introduced a dress that can be rearranged into endless style possibilities, fitting a range of sizes (2–16) and ranging from sexy to modest arrangement options (Jules’s moto: One dress, infinite privilege).

For more info on the show, including a beautiful slideshow of the designs, check out Time Out Chicago.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by michaeltuuk

Written by Becky Striepe

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