Planetary Healing with Feelgood Consciousness


A must see, this video clip from Gregg Braden takes us on a swift journey through consciousness that connects our feelings and our mass reality. Gregg shares how the feelings in our hearts can heal the earth, explaining the effect between what is going on inside of us and our external world.

Using scientific data, Braden shares new findings from satellites that measure the earth’s magnetic fields and how they correlate to our mass consciousness. 

This new information has proved that when we create the feelings of things we hope to shift in our lives…quite amazingly those feelings literally rearrange the earth’s magnetic fields.

Greg’s brilliant summery of human consciousness and planetary healing in the context of scientific data and the advanced science Quantum Physics warms my heart to the possibilities of our planet’s future.

Greg Braden is a pioneering author that bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and new technology.


Written by Lucille Chi

Lucy Chi loves good green design, ethical fashion, environmental art and education, renewables, holistic healing and more. She has been dedicating her energies toward finding and drawing attention to all the ways in which products, companies, and industries are moving toward creating a more sustainable world on the global scale, as well as the way individuals are moving toward living sustainably, and healing at the personal level.

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