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One Love Organics: The Next Big Thing In Organic Beauty Just Arrived

One Love Organics

Research shows that more than 30% of women believe that choosing skin care is more complicated than filing their taxes. Add to that the fact that there were around 900 (!!), new organic & natural beauty brands launched last year and it’s no wonder you put off embracing a new skincare decision until you absolutely must (much like your taxes, right?). Pioneering 100% waterless organic skincare, One Love Organics is about to change your mind...

A smart alternative to all those ubiquitous brands and mysterious labels, this new capsule collection of only 5 brilliant, multi-tasking products is 100% water-free, so you get more of the ‘good stuff’. To give you some perspective, most beauty products are 85% water, which dilutes efficacy and can actually dry out the skin. The presence of water also requires the use of preservatives to prevent spoilage. Because the One Love Organics products contain no water, they last you on average three times as long as their water-based counterparts. You know what that means? Less consumption, less packaging and less transportation, so you can love the environment as much as you love your skin!

While One Love Organics believe that less is more, the unique ingredients ensure your skin gets everything it needs, nothing it doesn’t. Hand crafted on St. Simons Island, a small barrier island off the coast of Georgia, the products contain only the finest cold-pressed watermelon seed oil, chia seed oil, mango butter, oat extracts, and much more.

The Skin Savior Waterless Multi Balm is brilliant when mixed with mineral powder to create foundation, the Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser does triple duty as a body wash & shampoo, the Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum will change your skin forever, and the My Best Friend Skin Shammy (yes, just like the thing you use on your car but for your skin), is good for around 200 uses, and besides making sure your skin is really clean after cleansing, will take off daily shine without disturbing makeup, and there’s a deluxe travel set that let’s you try it all. In fact, this savvy collection will do just about everything except your ironing!

For a very limited time you can get 10% off the line + a FREE travel size cleanser simply by using the code: OLO at Futurenatural – only until Monday 15th August.

Turns out you didn’t need those 17 shampoos, serums and body products after all!

Writer: Emma Pezzack – / the best organic beauty products in the world.

Written by Emma Pezzack

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