Five Alternative Outdoor Exercises

jumping rope

5. Jumping Rope

Take a cue from the kids on the playground and dig out your old jump rope. Jumping rope is a great all-over body workout that improves your cardio fitness and muscle tone. The Jump Rope Institute gives us a lot of valuable information and facts when it comes to the benefits of jumping rope. Taking your rope outside on a beautiful day is one of the most effective, and inexpensive, workouts you can do.

Do you have any favorite alternative outdoor exercises and activities? How do you shake up your gym routine to keep yourself interested and excited to workout? I would love to hear all of the different ways that you stay fit outdoors. Feel free to leave any comments or links.

[Exercise shoes image by yuki55 via Flickr Creative Commons, Kayaking image by CasaDeQueso via Flickr Creative Commons, Soccer image by Raymond Larose via Flickr Creative Commons, In-line skating image by Ainunau via Flickr Creative Commons, Hiking image by philipbouchard via Flickr Creative Commons, Jump rope image by pirateygoodness via Flickr Creative Commons]

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