3 Fun Ways to Workout When You are Bored with Your Routine

Beating Workout Boredom

Sometimes we all hit the wall on exercise. Like many things in life, you have to keep it interesting. Did you know that your muscles even get bored with the same workout routine? If you are feeling over it, or your body is no longer responding, try one of these fun workouts to boost morale. Hey, maybe even try them all.

Those who love to run always go back to running. We may take breaks from it in search of new cardio methods, but it is hard to beat running for its efficiency, effectiveness and the huge stress busting effects. Keep the running and switch the routine. These 15 minute running workouts may be just the thing to beat the boredom while giving you those awesome results.

I was never in better shape than when I was doing Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method. She claims toned and slimmed down, and that is exactly what you get with her routine. Anderson also steers us clear of running, and instead recommends dancing for cardio. A fun way to switch things up for a while.

Barre. It seems to be everywhere these days. And those who partake sport the long and lean bods that come with this workout. Pretty tempting. Get this Barre3 app that not only helps you find a class near you, but gives you mini workouts you can do at home or work.


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Written by Liz Thompson

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