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Say What? Dolce and Gabbana Perfume for…Babies?

baby perfume

Don’t you just hate how babies smell? All sweet and powdery? If you’ve ever wished your baby could smell less like a baby and more like synthetic fragrances, Dolce and Gabbana has you covered with their new baby perfume!

No joke, you guys! Dolce and Gabbana – owned by chemical cosmetics company Procter & Gamble – is about to release a baby perfume on the U.S. market. All kidding aside, though, this is more than just a silly, frivolous product. Spraying your baby with artificial fragrances can have real health effects. According to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:

“Babies are especially susceptible to the dangers of toxic chemicals in fragrances and other personal care products. Early life exposure to toxic chemicals that mimic hormones can contribute to early puberty in girls and may have long term impacts that manifest later in life, including an increased risk of breast cancer and other cancers.”

If you think baby perfume is a bad – and dangerous – idea, let the folks at Dolce and Gabbana know! You can sign the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics petition here!

Even homemade fragrances from essential oils aren’t the best for babies. Those developing bodies are sensitive, and many babies suffer bad reactions – like dry skin and itchy rashes – from essential oils. Plus, don’t babies smell super amazing on their own? I mean, once you’ve changed that poopy diaper, of course!

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Written by Becky Striepe

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