Bingo Video Asking for More Makes Us Feel Good!

Bingo call 34 Ask for More

They often say that you have to play with the hand life dealt you – but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you can strive for perfection. You can aim to do better. And you can ask for MORE!

We’re all told that there’s no harm in asking and sometimes that’s all it takes – ‘ask and you shall receive’, as they say.

This idea is something that can make us feel good about ourselves; putting us in charge of our own outcomes and giving us greater control over what we do and what we accept from life. All you have to do is ask for more – as this great video highlights:

From the creative backgrounds to the rising volume of the narrator, this clip sums up what asking more is really all about – daring to be loud, proud and adventurous. The video has actually been published as part of a series of clips which will document the full bingo lingo directory in 90 videos. It’s a campaign organised by Costa Bingo and one which has plenty of merits.

Aside from giving us a great visual cue to remember our favourite bingo calls (‘number 34: ask for more’ has to be one of them!) it also highlights the way in which jargon can often be easily deciphered.

The full 90 videos will go live over the next four weeks with a number of clips already available to view on YouTube.


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