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Yoga Gear You Can Feel Good About

Yoga is a Hindu word that means union. Traditionally, it refers to that mind-body-spirit connection that we seek in our yoga practice, but in a world where mass-produced items often harm our health and the environment, I think it’s really key to make sure our gear is in line with that union.

January 24th

Yoga Style: 5 Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Practice

Just last week, Emma talked about how exercise and stress reduction are great for our skin. Yoga is wonderful for fight stress. Yoga also tones the body and helps quiet the mind, but how can you have a truly mindful practice if your gear isn’t eco-friendly too? Here are some top picks for making sure […]

September 27th

Yoga and Aroma

Attention yoga instructors! … and students. Founder Tanja Bochnig of April Aromatics has been very busy with progressive changes in her life. In the past two years she expanded her AromaYoga offerings, refined products and re-designed her packaging. There are so many wonderful products, that I could write a book. Today, however, the focus is […]

July 26th

Wave of Life, the Style of the Young Organic Farmer

The style of the organic farmer cannot be captured in one form. All farmers are not cut from the same cloth, yet, there are some qualities that prevail in all the organic farmers I have known and worked with through three decades of buying from farms. Like different versions of Luke Skywalker balancing the force, they […]

July 4th

Singing Brings Clarity to the Moment and Simply Feels Good

Perhaps like a chirping bird heralding the changing seasons, I’ve been singing, chanting in yoga, and learning new breathing techniques in order to feel more alive, vital and to get more clarity in the moment. Here are a few amazing lessons in centering I discovered recently and I’m very pleased to share: [youtube=] One cool […]

March 23rd

Yoga Journal Conference Offers Scholarships for Teachers that Change Lives

Yoga Journal is pleased to offer a scholarship program for those that need assistance attending this winter yoga conference in San Francisco. This scholarship program is intended for yoga teachers, with limited income, who currently teach (and volunteer) yoga to underserved populations within their community. Yoga Journal shares how practicing yoga changes lives daily. These […]

October 20th

The Original Eco Yoga Mat by Barefoot Yoga

[social_buttons] Sweat drips from my nose, rolls down my chin and runs off my chest- landing on the floor with pride. The air is thick. Mirrors, fogged over. Essential oils soak into my pores, filling my body with peace. I rest my wet forehead on my mat as I breathe through pigeon, opening up my […]

September 2nd

Greening Hollywood: Sea Spa is for Mermaids and More

The Sea Spa at Santa Monica’s Casa Del Mar encourages a regimen of wellness for the everyday traveler. These hoteliers have given it some considerable thought and arrived at their  modern philosophy that, even though you’re a traveler, even though you’re away from home, you needn’t sacrifice your sense of well being nor suffer a […]

May 27th

Fun with Yoga: OLovesM!

Terri Bly discussing OLovesM’s brilliant use of yoga mat remnants as the base for their adorable, fashion-forward collection of bags.

May 23rd