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3 Yoga for Beginners Videos: Getting my Om Back!

3 Yoga for Beginners Videos

Need some yoga for beginners videos to kickstart your routine? Me too. Here are a few videos that look good!

You guys, I have a fitness confession. Since having my son 17 months ago (17 months!), I have fallen right off of the yoga wagon. With a splat. And the wagon ran me over. It’s time for me to go back to basics, and finding some good yoga for beginners is just the thing.

I’m sort of an on again, off again yoga practitioner (and apparently not the only one!). Since having my first baby, it’s been more off than on. Sure, I sneak in the occasional downward dog while my son is playing, but that’s not really doing yoga, is it? My plan is to incorporate a few of these yoga for beginners videos into my week during baby naptime.

I did a beginner yoga video not too long ago, and it was not super great. If you’ve had similar disappointing experiences looking for yoga for beginners, I hope that you’ll find something you like below!

I like that this first yoga for beginners video doesn’t require any special equipment. It’s just a simple, 20 minute sequence. This looks perfect for sneaking in while my toddler naps. And at just 20 minutes it will leave me time to get some freelance work done before he wakes up. BAM.

I’m a fan of Esther Echkart, and this yoga for beginners sequence is great. Talk about perfect for nap time. This sequence of standing poses clocks in at under 10 minutes.

This 15 minute sequence is on my list for mornings when I miraculously wake up before my son. There’s nothing like morning yoga to wake you up! Coffee schmofee, right? No no. Let’s not say things we can’t take back.

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Written by Becky Striepe

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