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Recently we showcased Organic Bouquet and all it’s gorgeous glory. What a healthy and glorious thought for a birthday gift, or any celebration! Another neat option for organic flowers and more is Local Harvest (see images above). Check out their adorable featured flower farmers (shown below), California Organic Flowers:

“It’s summer in California and on our farm that means its time for Summer Dahlias! Our Flower Fairies harvest a rainbow of Organically grown dahlias each day on our farm from June until October. For a blast of color, choose our beautiful mixed Summer Dahlia Bouquet.”

Flowers grown by Local Harvest family farmers are fresher than those grown in far away greenhouses and they’re also healthier for those who grow them, plus healthier for those who buy and enjoy them season to season. Did you realize it is possible that:

your local farmer grows wonderful bouquets just down the road?

Industrial flower farms also typically use large quantities of pesticides, exposing both their workers and the environment to nasty poisons. And flowers grown abroad often use pesticides that have been banned in the U.S. — or use pesticides in quantities far exceeding U.S. regulations, and without any sort of protection for the workers exposed to them.”

Dahlia Image Source.

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