Project Runway Frontrunner Is Eco-Chic

If you’re like me, you’ve been glued to your set watching Project Runway.  Why wouldn’t you be?  It’s a reality show where the contestants, though they may be obnoxious like other reality shows, actually showcase legitimate talent (well, mostly legitimate talent) by creating amazing garments under extreme time constraints.  Couple that with the snarky nature of at least a few contestants, the lovable Tim Gunn, the adorable Heidi Klum and a revolving door of fashion and celebrity guest judges, and you’ve got must-watch television every week. 

Besides having an entire episode based around eco-friendly fabrics (with guest judge Natalie Portman), this season’s crop of designers includes Leanne Marshall, who, unbeknowst to many viewers, is a huge fan of sustainable textiles.  She’s won several challenges and seems to be coming on strong late in the game (I’ve read no spoilers from Bryant Park, so don’t tell me!) Best of all, she’s thinking green.  Her line, Leanimal, focuses on hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton.  She’s a native of Portland, OR, a huge hotbed of all things green.  Her creatively-structured garments seem to be right in line with where sophisticated green fashion is heading.  I love this piece from her Fall 08 collection.

I already loved Leanne’s designs, but now that I know she’s all about the green, I’m definitely rooting for her (and Korto) at Bryant Park this season.

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Written by Kelli Best-Oliver

A former high school teacher, I'm currently a part-time writer/full-time doctoral student at the University of St. Thomas in the Twin Cities, studying leadership in education from a critical pedagogy perspective along with public policy.

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