Feng Shui Rules to Make Your Bathroom the Ultimate in Self-care

Abiding by feng shui rules can be hard, but it’s worth it because it really effects the energy flow of the space in your home… in a good way!

A How-to Guide to Bathroom Feng Shui

Bathrooms have a bad reputation for having the worst feng shui of any room in the house, since they allow positive energy to leave the home. This isn’t exactly good news for those of us who happen to spend a lot of time in the bathroom (I have a pretty elaborate self-care routine), we’ve put together some easy, and some more challenging, tips for reorganizing your space to make it more conducive to hosting the positive vibes in your home.

Unfortunately, some of the tips on this list can’t be changed so easily, since they depend on your home and bathroom layout. Thankfully there’s services like this one that can help you renovate your bathroom to make it the ultimate in style and self-care. (PS- get a bathroom renovation quote here!)

1. Eliminate clutter. You’ll find this first on any list of feng shui tips, because it is just that vital! Especially since bathrooms are especially challenging in feng shui, commit to keeping yours clean and organized! Yes, that means even those messy drawers full of old products need to be cleaned out!

2. Re-position the furniture so it allows the free movement of people, and therefore energy,  throughout the room. (ahem… this is where the potential bathroom renovation comes in!)

3. Hang a mirror. Now, most bathrooms have mirrors for obvious reasons. But did you know mirrors also reflect positive energy back into the room? Just make sure the mirror isn’t facing the door, or it will direct that positive energy right back out!

4. Don’t align the bathroom door with the front door. Direct door alignment for any room in the house is considered bad feng shui. The idea is that since good energy enters the house through the front door, it will leave through the bathroom. Ensure all of that positive energy does not escape by keeping the bathroom door closed, if you happened to have a door that aligns with your front door.

5. Fix what’s broken. If something breaks, fix it quickly! This goes back to the clutter rule; to allow the free movement of energy, make sure everything is in proper working order.

6. Color matters. Color is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create positive energy in a space. In feng shui, colors correspond to one of the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood), which corresponds to a specific area of the home. For example, if your bathroom falls in the wealth and abundance corner of your home (which corresponds to the earth element), consider painting it neutral, earthy tones like brown, blue, or green.

7. Display plants and flowers. The bright, cheery colors promote positive energy, except plants with thorns, so avoid those. Another helpful hint: orange and yellow tones are thought to bring in good luck! Also consider displaying fruit (real or fake… totally up to you!)

Do you know of any other good feng shui tips for difficult areas in the home? Share them with us!

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