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Best Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Oh boy, do I have some good stuff for you today!  We talked natural anti aging a couple of weeks ago and how the best defense against wrinkles is a healthy lifestyle.  Yep!  Diet, exercise, stress-less-ness are where it’s at.

Ok, you may be rolling your eyes, but a healthy lifestyle truly is the foundation for great looking skin.  Don’t worry, there are some skin care goodies that help along the way.  Let’s check them out…


My top picks for anti aging cleansers are Artisan Naturals Calming Crème Face Cleanser and Oy! Cleanse and Moisturize.  They are both creamy cleansers that won’t strip away all of your beneficial oils and contain anti aging ingredients, like healthy plant oils and green tea.  The Oy! Cleanser is designed as a multi-use product for the younger set that also helps to keep acne at bay, but I love it because it leaves skin super soft after use.


Whether you use toner or not, a hydrating toner is a much better option for anti aging results.  An astringent toner may be too harsh and tends to dry the skin.  Ila is the yummiest skin care and makes a hydrating toner.  More affordable is Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Mist.  More affordable still, and my personal favorite, cooled brewed antioxidant-loaded green tea.


TRUE Natural Spa Advanced Lift & Firm Serum provides real results.  This lightweight treatment seems to brighten skin and smooth it out while plumping it up.  And a little goes along way, so it is worth the $69 price tag.  I apply this under my regular moisturizer.  Facial oils are also very beneficial in smoothing out lines and keeping skin supple and glowing.  Intelligent Nutrients  Organic Anti-Aging Serum feels great and makes skin look amazing.  I also love Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil.  As with the serum, these oils last a long time.


Adding a facial oil (see Serums above) under your daily moisturizer will give skin additional anti aging moisture.  If you want to pump up the volume without the use of a serum, try Patyka Biokaliftin Repair Face Cream.  This one comes with a hefty price tag but makes skin look seriously amazing!  But my secret weapon?  Skincando Luxe Miracle Cream – goes on super thick and rich, sinks in to nourish and hydrate dry skin.  I use this at night and when my skin is feeling super dry.  The eye cream is awesome too.

Anti Aging Systems

Some of us are full product system kinda gals.  If you’d rather purchase an entire system rather than put together your own, here are some to look into:  Lavera Anti-Aging Essentials Kit includes Day Cream, Eye Cream and Lifting Serum.  Discounted to $89.99 this one is a good deal.  Intelligent Nutrients Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care Set may be a bit more pricey,but these four products work like a charm.  Want to dip your toe without a big commitment?  Primavera Revitalizing Starter Kit is super affordable and the lovely Primavera products will not disappoint.

What are your favorite natural anti aging products?

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Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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