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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Becky Striepe


How to Size a Bra: Bra Shopping Made Simple

how to size a bra

Bra shopping can be a big hassle, right? Check out this graphic showing you how to size a bra so you can choose the right size and type every time!

Full disclosure here: I really don’t like wearing a bra, and I think that no bra is the best bra in many situations. I avoid wearing a bra wherever possible by layering a tank top and choosing tops and dresses that offer a little support, so I don’t need to wear a bra. That said, there are situations where a lady is expected to wear a bra. Say, on a job interview. If you’re on the busty side, you also might find running a lot more comfortable with a properly-sized sports bra.

I find bra shopping overwhelming and basically try to avoid it at all costs, and a big part of it is all of the trying on as I search for a bra that fits at least somewhat comfortably. Around 85 percent of women don’t know our proper bra size, and finding the right band and cup size can make wearing a bra more comfortable. That’s why I was super excited to find this information on how to size a bra! It shows you what measurements to take so you’ll know what band and cup size to look for before you even get to the store.

how to size a bra

I had never heard of sister bra sizes! Just like with clothing, bras can run large or small, so knowing your sister size can help you make sure that you choose a bra that fits even when the one that’s supposed to be your right size feels a little bit roomy or snug.

I’d love to hear from the ladies out there! Do you usually wear a bra? Did you know how to size a bra already? Got any other bra-shopping tips? Spill it all in the comments!

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