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Create a Gallery Wall with Postcards

Remember when you used to easily recognize your loved one’s handwriting? With texts and social media playing a larger and larger role in the way we interact and connect, handwritten letters are becoming a rarer commodity. Holidays, weddings, and funerals seem to be the only time people put pen to paper, mouth to seal, and […]

July 25th

Say Goodbye to BPA & Beautify Your Beverage with Glass Straws

Several years ago a Little Shop of Horrors-variety dentist turned what was supposed to be a routine teeth cleaning into a painful years-long affair in which my teeth were incredibly sensitive to cold. Having a glass of ice water or cold green smoothie brought lots of discomfort with it. Rather than living a life of […]

July 11th

How Aspirin Can Help Your Skin

Pure aspirin tablets contain salicylic acid which is useful for treating inflamed skin and clogged pores. You can easily create your own aspirin facial scrub to treat blemishes with just one aspirin tablet.

June 15th

Ugandan Cow Horn as a Green Product

Nakate is a business dedicated to helping underprivileged women through bringing their eco-friendly handmade goods to the high fashion market. Surprisingly, we’ve found just what we’re looking for in jewelry made from the horns of an East African breed of cattle called the Ankole Watusi.

January 3rd

Greenpeace Connects Italy’s Fashion Industry to Deforestation

Bologna, Italy is host to Linea Pelle, one of the world’s largest leather industry fairs. But the city recently hosted very different kind of fashion event. In order to expose the leather industry’s connection to deforestation in the Amazon, Greenpeace staged a Bologna fashion show with Italian top models that educated attendees on the crisis in the Amazon, and featured a backdrop with the text “Salvati la pelle,” or “Save your skin/leather.”

October 25th