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Redress Raleigh on Eco-Fashion, and the Future of Sustainable Textiles

This Spring, Redress Raleigh hosted their first ever Eco-Fashion & Textiles Conference. The purpose and goal of the event was to bring industry leaders together to talk about where the fashion and textile industry is currently and where its headed in the coming years. Mor Aframian, Director of Branding and Community Relations, gave FGS an inside perspective on the conference, and what they discovered in terms of upcoming trends and sustainable practices.

April 11th

Buy Handmade Online: The Curatorial

When it comes to ethical shopping, buying handmade and vintage are some of the best ways to know that your purchases were produced under safe, clean conditions. It’s really a win all around, right? You get something beautiful and unique, and instead of throwing your money at a big corporation, your dollars go directly to the artist who created the item you’re purchasing.

March 4th

Orsola de Castro on Estethica, and From Somewhere’s New Launch

There is perhaps no one as influential in the current sustainable fashion movement than Orsola de Castro, creative director at From Somewhere and Reclaim to Wear, and the co founder and co curator of Estethica, a showcase promoting sustainable fashion at The Exhibition at London Fashion Week.

I was able to catch up with Castro this past week in regards to her plans for From Somewhere’s expansion this year, what we can expect from Estethica in 2013 and who she projects will be the sustainable brands and trends to watch in the coming year.

February 17th

Who are the World’s Most Ethical Brands?

The 2012 SOURCE awards recognize excellence in fashion and sustainability across 12 different categories – including Innovation, Africa Award, Outstanding Contribution, Sustainable Style Icon and Brand, Design and Retail Leaders and more.

December 18th

GIVE GOOD Market: Holiday Gifts From Women Owned, Sustainable Businesses

Looking to do some meaningful shopping in New York?

Together with the New York Women Social Entrepreneurs (NYWSE) and the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), a co-working space, community center and incubator for people and organizations that are changing the world in NYC, the GIVE GOOD Market will be a venue of more than 25 women-owned sustainable businesses selling their wares and garnering attention to their businesses that incorporate astute attention to design, craft, women empowerment, environmental responsibility, and social entrepreneurship.

November 28th

Green Diva Year: Celebrating Earth Day to Earth Day

You would think that being a Green Diva would mean that I celebrated Earth Day every day. I don’t know whether I celebrate daily, but I do try. The truth is when you’ve been living this lifestyle for as long as I have, this annual Earth Day frenzy can get a little silly.

April 23rd

Addis Ababa: African Eco Fashion for Sustainable Development

The only thing better than sustainable development and eco fashion? Eco fashion designers working to support sustainable development. Thanks to Clairvoyant Marketing Agency, Origin Africa and In the Bag – this is exactly the kind of designer that this year’s Hub of Africa Fashion Week is highlighting on the Ethiopian runway.

April 12th

Getting Local Green Diva Style

Listen, laugh & learn with the Green Divas (and Green Dude Scott) anytime – Podcast here! You are going to hear us talking a lot this year about “gettin’ local wherever you are.” It’s kind of our 2012 theme. We’ve always believed strongly in supporting our local communities, but we’ve also always had a very national and […]

January 24th

Greenpeace Connects Italy’s Fashion Industry to Deforestation

Bologna, Italy is host to Linea Pelle, one of the world’s largest leather industry fairs. But the city recently hosted very different kind of fashion event. In order to expose the leather industry’s connection to deforestation in the Amazon, Greenpeace staged a Bologna fashion show with Italian top models that educated attendees on the crisis in the Amazon, and featured a backdrop with the text “Salvati la pelle,” or “Save your skin/leather.”

October 25th