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5 Supplement Secrets to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

by Vanessa Roberts

supplement secrets

Us ladies are always looking for easy ways to keep ourselves looking impossibly beautiful without sacrificing our health, which is why I’m so stoked to have fallen back in love with a few natural supplements that have helped transform my hair, nails, and skin from ‘meh’ to ‘hell yeah!’

Since summer is just around the corner I wanted to share my 5 supplement beauty secrets with my fellow green queens so you too can take your natural beauty to the next level.

Supplement Secret #1 – Biotin

Biotin is one of the B vitamins and is vital for cell growth, your metabolism, and the production of necessary fatty acids. It also helps to keep your hair (including your eyelashes) and nails healthy and strong. If you’ve noticed your hair falling out more than usual or your nails breaking often, it could be due to a lack of Biotin.

You can buy Biotin in pill form, or you can get your daily dose of it by eating either Swiss chard or liver.

Supplement Secret #2 – Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is a supplement that is, like most fish, high in omega-3 and fatty acids, EPA and DHA. It also contains vitamins A and D, which can help strengthen bones and improve your immune system. Cod liver oil is also highly effective in keeping your skin soft, moisturized, hydrated, and ultimately younger-looking.

You can get a good dose of vitamin D from the sun or from milk, cheese, yogurt, and even enriched orange juice. As for vitamin A, while it is found in cod liver oil you can also find it in foods such as organic eggs, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, and even beef liver.

Supplement Secret #3 – Milk Thistle

The main benefit of milk thistle is primarily considered to be maintaining healthy liver function. It has also been reported to help your skin’s appearance by reducing redness and inflammation, while also softening your skin naturally.

Supplement Secret #4 – Zinc

Zinc is a well-known ingredient for keeping you healthy on the inside. It helps to not only metabolize fats and proteins but it also helps to maintain your immune system, keep you from getting sick often, and can be found in food such as oysters, lobsters, and many red meats.

In addition to that, it also helps keep you healthy on the outside as it contains antioxidants that help to keep your skin clear of any blemishes or spots, and also helps to slow the aging process. Something all of us ladies love, am I right?

Supplement Secret #5 – Grape Seed Oil

Not only is grape seed oil chock full of antioxidants and moisturizing properties which help to repair your damaged skin cells, but it is also used as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-histamine, an anti-aging treatment, and is anti-allergic. This means not only can it repair damaged skin–from either lack of proper care or sun damage–but it can also help your skin to look younger than it is.

Not bad for one simple extract from the seeds of red grapes.

So if you are wanting to get your outer self summer-ready, start from the inside using these 5 natural supplements and amp up your natural beauty.

Vanessa is a skincare blogging babe whose work can be found on various websites around cyberland including these BlueMD reviews, as well as reviews on other popular skincare brands. The best part about her job? She has awesome skin!

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