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Samsung Reclaim- My Newest “Green Accessory”


Cellphones. My generation’s “must have” accessory. I have yet to jump on the iPhone bandwagon. In fact, I once dated a boy with a Blackberry and found myself resenting the phone for all it’s gadgets that consumed most of his time. (Don’t worry. I’ve since worked on my Blackberry resentment. In fact, I realized if he was more interested in his relationship with his phone he probably wasn’t much into me. Of course, I only figured this out after he dumped me. Uncomfortable silence.) I’ve always had a pretty measly cell phone with the mere basics, you know- the ability to talk to another human being. In the last couple years, I upgraded to a phone with a camera- huge milestone in my technology focused life.

So, when I realized I was up for another phone upgrade from Sprint, I got a wee bit excited, almost nervous. Dare I upgrade to a phone with Internet access? Oh me, oh my. While browsing through the possible choices my eyes gleamed, my mouth watered, the infinite possibilities of “cool” cell phones scrolled down the computer screen. Mixed feelings of taking a step to join the “hip technologically advanced kids” consumed my every thought.

Samsung Reclaim,” an eco phone; immediately, I stopped browsing and clicked on the image of the green phone (literally) to read more.

Enjoying my ReclaimUpon reading that it’s made of 80% recycled materials, 40% of which is a bio-plastic made from corn, I was hooked. With new cell styles appearing daily, why wouldn’t we create them from recycled products? For this reason only, I made the upgrade.

When the package arrived I ripped open the shipping box to find a classy 100% recycled container carrying my new phone. With the help of guides written in soy ink, I activated my new phone. After charging the battery, a friendly note popped up on the cell’s screen: Remember to unplug your charger while not in use to conserve energy.

Some bonus eco features include a “Best of Green” application available from the main screen. Located in this application is “Five Simple Things,” “Green Guides,” “Green Glossary,” and “All Things Green.” I’m not too impressed with their content, but for a green beginner, they offer some great advice and knowledge. Also, Sprint gives $2 of the proceeds to The Nature Conservancy‘s Adopt an Acre program for every Reclaim they sell.

Sure, I still don’t own an iPhone, or a Blackberry, or whatever other phone the kids are sportin’ these days. But I can say, hands down, my phone is cooler than your phone. Why? Because it’s focused on the future- in a valuable way.

Images Credit: Sprint and Emily Konkler

Written by Emily Konkler

Born in a small town in southern Minnesota, which didn’t quite fit her fancy, Emily headed for New York City soon after high school. While living in New York City, Emily's keen fashion sense was harnessed, transforming from a hobby to a quintessential passion. Emily has been involved with the fashion industry in numerous aspects including modeling, styling and managing runway shows.

Emily lives with her boyfriend Matthew and her overweight cat, Sisu, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She enjoys painting without talent, reading into the wee hours of the morning, rubbing Sisu behind her ears, sewing on her new machine, eating curry and naan whenever possible, wearing boots all year round, spending good ol’ quality time with her friends, drowning in organic cotton and giggling with her boyfriend.

Currently, Emily is a fashion design student and works at The Nature of Beauty-an organic beauty oasis, where her love for everything organic has flourished and taken her heart by storm. Follow her on Twitter @thekonks.

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