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Vegan Boots for All Budgets

[social_buttons] I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my new co-worker this past week. Sarah, a vegan and downright organic romantic, is on the hunt for super stylin’ vegan boots without the super expensive price tag. So, I’ve put on my internet hunting garb (the Popomomo Sleuthing Dress) and have come up with a nice range […]

December 28th

A Guide to Kind Living from PETA

Hot drama star Kelly Carlson is the newest face to grace the cover of PETA’s cruelty-free shopping guide encouraging folks to shop only for “products that have not been smeared in rabbits’ eyes, injected into mice, or force-fed to guinea pigs.” Effective alternatives that don’t involve hurting animals are available everywhere, yet how is it […]

October 29th

PETA to Give Away Fur Coats to the Homeless

Many people including Mariah Carey, Kim Catrall, and Sharon Osbourne have been sickened by exposés of animals on fur farms, resulting in the donation of thousands of fur coats to PETA. On November 28th, under a sign stating “Free Fur Coats,” PETA and A Better Place will hand out dozens of fur coats to some […]

November 27th