• Natural Skincare for your Neck and Chest

    Many of us lavish a four-part beauty routine on our face but neglect the delicate flesh south of the chin. The neck and upper chest (or décolletage, as the French say) are often on display and need some attention to stay healthy and youthful. Aesthetician Adriane Benson, co-owner of Re-Treat health and beauty center in Atlanta, shares holistic advice on cleansing, moisturizing, diminishing wrinkles, and other pampering in the “collarbone zone.” More

  • 4 Excellent Reasons to Make Your Own Beauty & Skincare Products

    Listen, laugh & learn with the Green Divas (and Green Dude Scott) anytime – Podcast here! The Sleeping Naked is Green segment, Make Your Own Cosmetics & Skincare Products, sparked a frightening discussion on the HUGE topic of toxins in our cosmetic and beauty products. Here are just a FEW good reasons to make your own beauty products […] More

  • 3 Quick Fixes for Natural Vacation Skincare

    Instead of buying over-priced everyday moisturizers, or facial cleansers that are laced with chemicals which you probably can’t even pronounce, look around you. Take stock of the local ingredients provided to you by good ol’ Mother Nature.

    Since I’ve been in this position a few times myself, I have discovered 3 quick fixes for naturally beautiful skin while on vacation! More

  • Pratima Skincare Vata Oil Wintertime Skin Saver

    Once colder weather arrives our skincare needs revamping. And if you already tend toward the dry side, you really have your work cut out for you. Luckily, I have found true wintertime skin saver in Pratima Skincare Vata Oil.

  • MADARA is Simple Modern Skincare

    MADARA first crossed my radar on Love Lula, the London-based natural cosmetics shop. The clean, sorta funky, label just screams modern skincare and that always gets my attention. I must admit, though, that I had not tried the line until recently.

  • Scientific Organics :: New Kombucha Skincare.

    Kombucha became a health phenomenon about 5yrs ago with converts swearing by its many health benefits. Considered disgusting to some (I personally love it), there’s nothing unpalatable about this new line of organic skincare from emerginC called Scientific Organics. More

  • Sunday Riley :: Obsession Worthy Skincare.

    With names like Bionic, Cashmere SPF30, Ceramic Slip and Gray Expose, the beautifully conceived and scientifically composed line from Sunday Riley is clearly no ordinary, natural skincare collection. A hot favorite among savvy, natural beauty consumers and buzzed about recently by beauty editors from Harpers, Vogue, W et al, each product contains a patent pending […] More

  • Absolution :: Create Your Own Bespoke Organic Skincare.

    You’ve heard of bespoke tailoring, the art of customizing sneakers, and Prescriptives brought us the ability to custom blend our own personal makeup palette…  well  now there’s bespoke skincare. Hands up those among you who’ve secretly desired to create your own skincare or makeup collection (that’d be me!)? Absolution is a new collection of organic […] More

  • Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr Launches Organic Skincare.

    One of the gorgeous faces (and sublime bodies) to grace the Victoria’s Secret campaigns, model Miranda Kerr is not just a pretty face and her new organic skincare collection called Kora is here to prove it. Three years in the making with industry experts, field trials and Miranda herself jet-setting all over the world with […] More

  • Gisele Launches New Eco-Friendly Skincare :: Sejaa.

    Gisele Bundchen recently gave birth to a gorgeous new baby but she’s been busy on all fronts with the launch of her new Sejaa Pure Skincare collection. Having graced the covers of more than 500 magazines, countless runway shows and too many ad campaigns to list here, you’d be forgiven for thinking she has time […] More

  • Elemental Herbology :: Biodynamic & Season Specific Skincare.

    How many of us think about our skin as a living, breathing organism that’s constantly in motion, every second of the day? It’s incredibly easy to overlook the fact that our skin changes with the seasons and even easier to ignore that we need a different suite of skincare products for winter than we do […] More

  • Blissoma Skincare :: A Bioactive Antioxidant Powerhouse.

    Life is dynamic and so is your skin. Most of us don’t think of our visage as a living, breathing, changing organism, but every second of the day our skin is responding to our environment and constantly monitoring and altering itself to regulate healthy skin function. Built on the same principle of living energy, Blissoma […] More

  • Caudalie Premier Cru :: Superior Skincare From The Grapevine.

    You thought wine was just for drinking right? Not so. Caudalie discovered in 1993 what the rest of the world has been catching up with ever since, that grapes & grapeseeds are a veritable goldmine of bioactive, high potency, antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients. The grapeseed molecule is 10,000 times more powerful than Vitamin E for […] More

  • Because Skincare :: Is Not Just For Your Face.

    Life is full of guilty pleasures depending on your choice of vices and though I’ve never been a chocolate kinda gal, I do have a penchant for delicious, ridiculously luxurious organic bath + body products. Shamelessly self-indulgent when it comes to self-pampering rituals, I’m a major fan of anything that beautifies my day whether it’s […] More

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