Ayurvedic Skincare. The ultimate in balanced skin.

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Ayurvedic skin care = products made to benefit you inside and out.

Sounds pretty perfect, right? Ayurvedic skin care is designed for each specific dosha. Each dosha has physical attributes where skin is concerned:

Vata skin tends to be dry and thin with smaller pores. Skin imbalances include; premature aging and dryness.

Pitta skin is usually combination (tends toward T-zone congestion) and may be sensitive. Skin imbalances include; breakouts, inflammation, redness and irritation, and rosacea.

Kapha skin is oily, thicker, smooth, with larger pores. Skin imbalances include; cystic acne, oiliness, blackheads.

Choosing skin care products for your dosha is a lot like using a traditional skin care chart. Determine your skin type and purchase products designed for it. Remember, your imbalance is not your skin type. How is your skin when it is normal and healthy? That is your skin type. Broken out, irritated, or overly dry are imbalances. To cure imbalance, look deeper.

Ayurvedic skin care is made with natural and organic ingredients, but Sattvic ingredients – non-harming to any living thing. The ingredients contain the energy of the 5 elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) and are combined to create the most benefit to each individual dosha or imbalance.

My favorite ayurvedic skin care lines are Pratima Skincare and Skin Apotheke. They are both ultra pure and made by women who not only know their stuff, but are also super conscientious about their products. Oh ya, both companies listed above make products for body and hair too.

My must haves from both lines:

Skin Apotheke Organic Ayurvedic Amla Hair Oil and Ubtan Clarifying Cleansing Scrub

Pratima Love Oil and Vata Essential Oil

A couple of tips on using ayurvedic skin care:

Seasons bring about imbalance. This goes for the skin too. You may need to switch out your cleanser or moisturizer when moving from one season to the next.

  • Ayurveda loves oils, and oils are good for all skin types. Stripping your skin of excess oil will only lead to increased oil production. The right oil for your skin will keep oil balanced and skin healthy. I honestly use oils on my face and body each day.
  • Remember to eat right for your dosha. Yep, this helps skin too. Eating too much of the wrong thing can lead to excessive oiliness, dryness, outbreaks, and irritation. Really!
  • Ayurvedic skin care takes nontoxic one step further. I like to think of it as skin care custom made to your own constitution.

Come back for more ayurvedic goodness next week when we cover Ayurveda and exercise!

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Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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