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Blissoma Skincare :: A Bioactive Antioxidant Powerhouse.

Life is dynamic and so is your skin. Most of us don’t think of our visage as a living, breathing, changing organism, but every second of the day our skin is responding to our environment and constantly monitoring and altering itself to regulate healthy skin function. Built on the same principle of living energy, Blissoma skincare is specifically formulated to enhance & compliment the science of skin, while respecting the unique biochemical reactions that make up your body. Their philosophy is based around encouraging and supporting the skins own daily rhythms of regeneration by using combinations of bioactive, live ingredients that are pressed on demand such as juices, herbs and seed oil extracts. Working in this way ensures your skin is delivered maximum amounts of vital nutrients, enzymes and minerals, that haven’t been subjected to heat treatments or other manufacturing processes that rob ingredients of their precious attributes. A stand out product in the collection is Blissoma Lift Intelligent Energy Creme. Containing ingredients such as reservatrol, rooibos tea extract,gotu kola, gingko, and a slew of EFA’s, this is literally a powerhouse of live, kick butt antioxidant action that actively works to brighten, renew, restore and repair at a cellular level. The kicker though is that this brilliant cream is under $20 (you know how we love a bargain!). Check out the whole collection at Blissoma SolutionsWriter :: Emma Pezzack – the best organic beauty products in the world.

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