Natural Hair Care

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Hair Straightening: The Hidden Dangers

For years I tried hair straightening to “tame” my curly hair. I’m curly again, but my “hair experiment” contributed to an industry that maims and kills millions of animals a year, generates toxic fumes, and destroys hair along with women’s physical health.

March 17th

USDA Launches Disappointing New “BioBased” Label

As consumers increasingly look to third party certifications when choosing natural and/or organic products, the USDA has often been held up as the gold standard for US-based products. This month, they announced the launch of their new BioBased label, designed to give companies the opportunity to seek certification without meeting the food-grade standard of USDA Certified Organic. Unfortunately, the gap between USDA Certified Organic and the new BioBased standard is so large, it will likely only increase consumer confusion and decrease America’s standards for what are truly natural, organic, and sustainable consumer goods.

January 25th

Every Day Is Earth Day At Futurenatural.

Earth Day is April the 22nd but Futurenatural live, breath and walk their talk all year round. They’re America’s largest retailer for truly organic & natural beauty products. Free shipping, samples you choose, a unique onsite ingredient glossary, the latest looks and more. There’s never been a more compelling time to rethink your beauty products […]

April 19th

Calorie-Free Treat for Your Hair

Glop and Glam boasts kid-friendly, organic products free of parabens, formaldehyde and alcohol. And, while the line is developed for eco-savvy kids, parents can have fun styling their hair too with products that smell good enough to eat, such as Banana, Chocolate Cream, Watermelon, Bubble Gum and Creamsicle. Glop & Glam combines organic ingredients with […]

Three Horrible Reasons to Avoid Natural Beauty Products

Terri Bly, green beauty expert and president of The Nature of Beauty, lists and dispels 3 common myths regarding natural and organic beauty products: That you can’t get vibrant colors from natural makeup, that natural and organic skin care doesn’t work as well as the commercial variety, and that organic beauty products are too expensive.

January 3rd

Paul Mitchell Holiday Gift Sets Give Back

Do you have someone on your holiday shopping list that really loves salon products? Then check out the holiday gift sets from Paul Mitchell. A portion of all proceeds from the Paul Mitchell Holiday Gift Sets will be donated to Amnesty International while a portion of Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Gift Sets will be donated […]

December 5th

Oh Baby :: Haircare From Nine Naturals For Mama’s-to-be

I’m one of those label-reading, ingredient poring, information seeking obsessives who needs to know everything there is to know before making a purchase, whether it’s my beauty products or what I eat. How could I have known that obsession would reach a whole new level of pedantic a while back when I became pregnant with […]

November 23rd

With Fall Comes….

It seems the moment cooler weather arrives our skin and hair feel the affects; dry, rough hands, tight skin and fly-aways.  Not to worry, there are remedies for these problems.  By adding a few products or ingredients to your existing regimen, you will be flake and fly-away free in no time.

October 10th