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Book Review of Green Beauty Recipes by Julie Gabriel

Most of us, at one point or another, have dreamed of creating our own beauty products.  Remember rummaging through mom’s bathroom cupboard with your girlfriends?  Or maybe even mixing up a mud mask in your back yard?

Well, Julie Gabriel has taken this to all new levels, with her latest book Green Beauty Recipes.  Julie’s first book, The Green Beauty Guide was first reviewed on Feelgood Style by Terri Bly.  While I never had much inclination toward whipping up my own beauty products as an adult, that book really did get me in the kitchen.  And there are still several items that I blend on my own regularly.

Julie’s first book told the story of natural beauty products:  which ingredients are healthy, which are to be avoided, and why.  In this second book she shares her “triple-tested” natural beauty recipes with the rest of us.  And this is no pamphlet, but a nice big book chock full o’ yummy and effective green beauty concoctions you can make yourself.

Julie’s diy beauty recipes don’t cost a lot of money or time to make.  Certain recipes may have an ingredient that is a bit more costly, but these are optional and can be omitted.  Most of the ingredients you will need to make Julie’s recipes can be found in your own kitchen or at your local grocery store.

Julie has created this cookbook of sorts as a way for you to create the toxin-free beauty products you are looking for and trust that each ingredient is in fact safe because, well, you control the ingredients that are used.

Julie recommends using ingredients in these recipes that are organic, raw or minimally-processed, and non-GMO wherever possible.  Most recipes are free from animal ingredients with the exception of milk, yogurt, and beeswax.  No synthetic preservatives, penetration enhancers, talc, artificial dyes or fragrances are used in any of the recipes.

Julie carefully outlines the tools and techniques to creating your own beauty products.  She also lays down the ins and outs of working with essential oils, where to purchase ingredients, how to create beauty product labels (for those of you looking to go into business), and how to store your finished products.  The book even includes a shopping list of items to pick up during your weekly grocery run. 

Starting with cleansers and working through to hair care, deodorants, and even fragrance, Green Beauty Recipes will become your go-to for homemade natural skincare remedies and beauty products.  And a bible for those of you looking to start your own green beauty line.

Julie Gabriel is a holistic nutritionist, journalist, former beauty editor, and founder of Petite Marie Organics line of natural beauty products.  Green Beauty Recipes will launch November 1st, 2010 and will be available in bookstores and fine health food stores in the US and Canada, as well as

Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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