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Calorie-Free Treat for Your Hair

Paraben-Free Hair DetanglerGlop and Glam boasts kid-friendly, organic products free of parabens, formaldehyde and alcohol. And, while the line is developed for eco-savvy kids, parents can have fun styling their hair too with products that smell good enough to eat, such as Banana, Chocolate Cream, Watermelon, Bubble Gum and Creamsicle.

Glop & Glam combines organic ingredients with natural nutrients, such as aloe, camellia leaf extract [green tea] and echinacea derived from purpurea extract to protect hair from ever present and damaging environmental toxins.

  • Glam Creamsicle Detangler– Perfect for hair that has spent the day in the scorching sun, salty beach water, or chlorinated pool. This detangler incorporates Echinachea and Aloe to condition and fortify hair with necessary nutrients.
  • Glam Chocolate Cream– A lightweight anti-frizz shine cream designed to provide instant control for flyaway’s and provides a textured movable hold.
  • Glam Bubble Gum Glitter Gel– A lightweight styling gel that provides instant hold and definition with a sparkle and shine appeal.
  • Glop Chocolate Controller– A lightweight paste, like the cream,  designed to control frizz  and add shine,  but also provides more texture for shorter or layered haircuts.
  • Glop Banana Spike Molding Putty– A  medium weight styling putty designed to provide instant style building for any look while keeping hair looking healthy and natural.
  • Glop Watermelon Hard Candy Gel– A lightweight, non-flaking styling gel keeps hair shiny and manageable throughout the day. Designed to give hair a fierce holding power, lifting into any direction desired.

Our favorite was the Creamsicle Detangler ($14.99) for channeling days that revolved around snack time and nap time. It’s a delicious, lightweight indulgence with a yummy nostalgic smell that will perk you up. The rest of the products are great for enticing kids to sit still long enough to gel down a cowlick or unsightly bed head.

Written by Courtney Carlisle Bolton

When she isn't writing or in the library, this tech savvy ecophile can usually be found glued to her mobile or macbook ogling the latest gadgets, scouting the newest designs, traveling or out enjoying the Colorado terrain.

Courtney holds two masters degrees in Psychology and Communications and received her BA from Vanderbilt University in Psychology and English. She recently relocated from Los Angeles to Denver, CO where she is pursuing her PhD in Family and Child Psychology.

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