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    Top 10 Habits To Fight Premature Ageing

    When is the right age to start looking after the skin?
    The answer to that is that you are never too young. The care you give yourself and your skin from a young age will benefit you as you age, holding back the effects of the ageing process.There are 2 types of ageing: external and intrinsic.
    Intrinsic ageing is the natural process that we inherit in our genes, we can’t stop this. External ageing is down to us and our lifestyle choices.


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    Organic Beauty – How Do We Really Know?

    Many products will carry the word ‘Organic’ or ‘Naturally Organic’ or some other combination containing the buzz word. The problem is this labeling is not actually regulated, meaning the product may contain 1 or 2 ingredients that are organic but may also contain some ‘nasties’ – synthetic chemicals that are far from organic. Products can become certified organic and at the moment it is up to the consumer to be aware of this. More

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    Natural Papaya Ointment for Soothing Skin

    PURE Papaya ointment is already a big hit in Australia and is second only to the well established market leader Lucas Papaw ointment. The difference with PURE is that its base is formulated with natural waxes and oils instead of the petroleum jelly used by Lucas! It also has a significantly higher amount of the active Papaya ingredient 48mg/g compared to 39mg/g from Lucas. I know which one I choose!! More

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    Top 5 Foods for Improving Your Skin Naturally

    We all love finding a great skincare product that really makes a difference to our skin. The question I think we should always ask first though is this: What can I put into my body (OR NOT) to improve my skin? There are some great foods that can really make a difference to your skin from the inside. Here are my top 5: More