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    Coconut Lagoon – An Eco-Friendly Health Spa

    The monsoon season may not considered to be the ideal time to travel in India but if you are looking for a green spa retreat amidst the chirping of birds around a large lake then try the Coconut Lagoon. Situated on the banks of Lake Vembanad, the largest lake in Kerala, this unique health resort offers ayurveda, yoga, and kalaripayattu (ancient martial arts) in old world Kerala style living. It provides the perfect retreat from fifth gear living and its core values abide by the the name of its owner, the CGHearth group, which stands for Clean, Green, Healthy Earth. In the monsoon season, the air is dense with moisture making the flora of the Kerala backwaters seem greener and even more abundant than the rest of the year. More

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    Celebrities Like Demi Moore Swear by Leech Therapy

    While most people squirm at the thought of blood sucking leeches, celebrities like Demi Moore are swearing by leech therapy to keep themselves toxin free and youthful. According to US Magazine, leeches are Demi Moore’s secret to looking sexy at the age of 45. “I feel like I’ve always been someone looking for the cutting […] More

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    Organic Beauty View – A Blog For Your Green Style Needs

    Organic Beauty View is a new style blog is brought to you by beauty experts with 20 years experience in fashion and beauty. It delivers beauty lovers the scoop on stylish products, interviews, trend alerts and savvy surveillance from the modern side of organic and natural beauty. Whether you are looking for face serums or the latest eco fashions to style your wardrobe, the blog offers plenty of material to keep you busy. More

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    Eco Zen Boutique – Where Going Green Is The Fashion

    I often think about how ‘feel good’ a one-stop shop online would be if it could really answer my call for Style. Just imagine, eco-friendly cosmetics, jewellery, clothing, all the things every girl looks for, under a single cyber roof. Folks, I have good news: Eco Zen Boutique, a socially conscious, Arizona based green fashion boutique owned and operated by eco-preneur Tandy Stepp, has recently opened a new online store at More

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    Watch Free Videos Online With Go Green Tube

    How Do You Go Green With Web TV?

    While I know that living a green lifestyle is the best for our family and the environment, I have always wondered about the co-relation between TV and green living choices? I am not one for watching TV as a pastime, especially considering the increase in my internet time in the recent years. However even with the expanding world of web entertainment, I have struggled with how to go green in this area. That was until recently…until I discovered Go Green Tube. More

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    Recycled Elements: Traditional Jewelry Gets an Eco-Friendly Makeover

    Looking for alternative ways to recycle your beer bottles? I have good news.

    The colorful piece of glass, once destined for a dump, can actually be incorporated into handcrafted designer jewelry. San Francisco based designer, Stefanie Wolf has decided to give traditional jewelery an eco-friendly makeover. Frustrated by the limited availability of gemstones that are guaranteed as ethically sourced, she recently turned her attention to a completely renewable resource: recycled glass. More

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    Kling Bags – Where Eco-Friendly Meets Chic

    The fashion industry has only recently become somewhat linked with eco-friendly values. Yet even with the advent of popular hemp clothing and the use of natural fibers, most eco-friendly fashion accessories are considered to be ‘hippie fashion’. Hardly products that could be associated with the 7th Avenue fashion scene!

    Natasha Kimling Kwan, the owner Kling handbags has decided to change things around. An emerging designer of vegan fashion handbags, Kwan produces uber stylish clutches that are the perfect compliment to business and casual fashion.