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Wanderlust 108 Events Around the World!

I got to attend my very first Wanderlust 108 this weekend in San Francisco, and it was super awesome! A run (ok, I skipped that), a yoga class, and a meditation session, followed by a mini hoop jam and acro jam. A damn fine Sunday!

April 26th

The People You Meet at Wanderlust

Wanderlust, the multi-city festival that hits cities across the country and around the world, is my girlfriend’s happy place. Yoga, music, dance, great food, and epic natural scenery makes for an amazing weekend whatever the location. I’ve been blessed to experience both Wanderlust Oahu (Hawaii) and Wanderlust Squaw Valley (Tahoe, California) over the past few […]

November 30th

Meditation for Beginners: An Easy How-to

In this helpful guide to meditation for beginners, Andrea Bertoli from Vibrant Wellness Journal explains how meditation is easier than it seems. If you’ve ever been daunted by the idea of meditating, or just wondered how exactly you should do it (there’s a lot of different styles!), this is the guide for you!

August 14th

When is enough…enough?

When you find yourself dipping into that half empty, “I’m not enough yet” place, it’s important to stop those negative mind swirls and realize there is time and there is enough right now. Adapting and accepting where you are can help to get you to the place and space where you can focus on reaching your true potential.

May 1st

10 Tips to Find Your Happy Side

Our daily lives can be happier, as in a brighter, with a more positive outlook on our current situation and on the world around us. All it takes is making the choice to be happy and practicing habits that help you find your happy side.

January 28th