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Spring Trend :: To Braid Or Not To Braid?

Not your schoolyard variety by any stretch of the imagination, clever and modern braids are the perfect answer to days when your hair won’t cooperate, leaving you no choice but to twist, turn and knot your mane event from a tortured mess to something more sublime. Using organic & natural hair products will help your […]

April 6th

Create Your Own Dry Skin Remedy

For some of us, the season is a constant battle against dry, irritated skin.  Sure there are lots of heavy moisturizers out there, but it can be difficult to find the one that does the trick.  Some leave you too slippery, while others cast a strange chalky effect.  Certainly not what we are looking for […]

December 20th

How to Lighten Up After Summer is Gone

Summer may be gone for now, but certain bits of it last on:  memories, vacation photos……new sun spots.  Several visitors have written to me asking for help reducing the appearance of sun spots and freckles.  Though nothing short of completely avoiding the sun will totally keep spots at bay, being liberal with the sunscreen and […]

October 25th

Nature Of Beauty Launches Intelligent Nutrients Today :: Plus Product Reviews, Interview, Free Shipping + Exclusive Coupon Code

Many of you visit to find the latest, best and most effective natural and organic beauty brands amongst other things. Organic beauty is one of my favorite topics and one I’m passionate about.  And I don’t know about you, but I value honest recommendations from fellow consumers much more than I do when it comes from […]

December 8th