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5 DIY Accessories to Make Today

Store bought accessories are no fun! Mass produced pieces are bad for the planet and lack the personality of something you made yourself. Instead of hitting the big box store for your accessory needs, why not hit your crafty stash for some recycled fashion fun instead? Make these DIY accessories that show off your crafty skills!

September 11th

Handmade Pottery: Interview with Jeanette Zeis

I am a big fan of practical art. Artwork that one uses everyday while going about regular life brings beauty to the mundane. One of my favorite practical artists is potter Jeanette Zeis. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Jeanette has been making pottery full-time since 2008. Her beautifully crafted work consists of houseware items like bowls, […]

August 15th

Buy Handmade: Unique Jewelry Using Real Plants

In 2014 it’s easy to go to any store and buy a product that is mass produced and uniform in style.  With no character to differentiate one from the next, it’s simple to find things that are perfect to the point of boring.  That is why I am so enchanted with handmade artwork. When we buy handmade, […]

July 4th

Combating Fast Fashion: Zady

Recently, a new online shopping experience launched at, offering high quality, stylish clothes for women, men, as well as gifts and home goods. Zady offers “Origins”, a map that outlines where their carefully curated collection comes from around the world. They seek to support artisans, fair trade principles, and heritage, including locally sourced goods, made in USA credentials, […]

Buy Handmade Online: The Curatorial

When it comes to ethical shopping, buying handmade and vintage are some of the best ways to know that your purchases were produced under safe, clean conditions. It’s really a win all around, right? You get something beautiful and unique, and instead of throwing your money at a big corporation, your dollars go directly to the artist who created the item you’re purchasing.

March 4th

Look Hot, Stay Cool With This DIY Cooling Spray

It seems like pretty much every city, region, state, or province is experiencing a heatwave this summer, and while I’m not complaining, nor am I wishing it would get cold, sometimes a girl just needs a quick break from the scorching heat. If sitting in air conditioning isn’t an option for you, there is a more natural fix that I think my fellow green queens may just love.

Introducing the DIY ‘Look Hawt, Stay Cool’ spray, and I don’t mean look hot and sweaty, I mean look hawt!

July 21st

How to: Make a DIY Oatmeal Face Scrub

Store-bought face scrubs aren’t always the best for your body or the planet. Even if you spring for an organic scrub, chances are it comes in a disposable, single-use plastic bottle. Rather than shell out the big bucks for something that’s not totally in line with your feelgood beauty routine, why not whip up your very own homemade oatmeal face scrub instead? Here’s how.

January 23rd

5 Beauty Recipes Using Coffee

Coffee is great for a number of reasons. It gears me up for a long day ahead, smells fantastic, tastes amazing, and pairs well with cupcakes. On top of all that, it’s a great ingredient for natural home beauty treatments. Here are five beauty recipes that will have you brewing up a cup, even if you don’t drink it.

November 17th