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12 Ways to Ease Anxiety Naturally

A little bit of stress is common (and even tolerable) in daily life, but when it blossoms into more chronic anxiety, you may have a problem- and you may first want to seek out some ways to ease anxiety naturally. Stress is definitely not a feelgood emotion, so today we’ve got some tips from Andrea Bertoli over at Vibrant Wellness Journal on how to break up with your stress and ease into calmness.

September 18th

Start a Gratitude Journal & Feel Happier Today

Every time that we open our news browser, we are reminded of what is going wrong in the world.  With all of the sadness, it’s easy to feel weighed down and burdened.  But just as terrible things happen every second of every day, so do good things.  There are babies born, couples wedded, new jobs […]

May 16th

How Grateful are You?

It is pretty amazing how feeling grateful changes your attitude and even how you feel physically. Here’s how to be more grateful and make gratitude work for you!

May 11th

Happy New Year from Feelgood Style

Hi there, lovely readers! We wanted to take a moment today to wish you all a happy, safe, feelgood new year. It’s been a wonderful 2010, and that is thanks to you! Eco-friendly beauty is our passion, and we’re so glad to have a community here where we can share that with all of you.

December 31st