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Why You Should Make the Switch to Cruelty-Free Makeup

Vegan diets are a growing trend, but there are a whole lot more ways to embrace a vegan lifestyle, starting with cruelty-free makeup. We wear the stuff every day, so it’s definitely an important part of an animal-friendly lifestyle, but it can also be an easy thing to overlook! This article by Becky Striepe on Green Living Ideas breaks it down with more info on cruelty-free makeup and even some DIY makeup recipes!

September 25th

LVX: A Luxury Vegan Nail Polish Brand

After kicking my nail biting habit almost two months ago, I have been searching for that holy grail of polish.  At this point I’m basically the Indiana Jones of the polish world.  Since I spent so many years without any chemical smell on my fingertips, it’s something I notice right away – either in application, […]

April 18th

Tarte Cosmetics Acquired by Pro-Animal Testing Company, KOSÉ

I was disappointed to hear the announcement this week that Tarte Cosmetics, which has been touted as an environmentally conscious company that doesn’t test on animals, was bought out by KOSÉ, a Japanese cosmetics company that supports animal testing. KOSÉ has now acquired a 93.5% share in the company, which includes most of the shares […]

March 21st

Human Undergoes Animal Testing for Animal Rights

If you’re an eco-fashionista, chances are you already opt for beauty products from companies that avoid animal testing. The sad truth is that most people aren’t aware of how we treat animals in the name of safer cosmetics, and testing doesn’t necessarily make our cosmetics safer. In fact, testing on animals can really only predict how products will affect humans in a limited way. The good news is that there are companies out there that don’t resort to animal testing.

July 16th