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Be Beautiful in San Francisco this Summer

Clary Sage Organics has been having blast this year! We loved their Spring offers and now for Summer the CSO team encourages us to: “Delight in spa and health treatments such as chair massage, rolfing, reflexology and more while shopping the wonderful assortment of organic clothing and taking part in our raffle.” If you are interested in […]

May 20th

Grin and Bag It: Lumi Yoga Totes from Paris

Have style, will travel: I ♥ Lumi Yoga Bags  I used to have a yoga bag that I was pretty proud of. It was shaped like a hot dog, with a drawstring opening and a comfy shoulder strap and it made me look like a hunter with a bouquet of arrows on my back. The problem […]

February 21st

Off the Beaten Mat: An interview with Chantal Tacoronte-Perez in Paris

    Traveler, painter, and a mean hand with a sewing machine, Chantal began practicing Yoga in Miami and went on to study Iyengar yoga with Vladimir Ferrerio Gonzalez while she lived in Havana as the Hampshire College Cuba Program Coordinator. She is currently teaching yoga at the Centre de Yoga du Marais in Paris, while […]

February 19th

Off the Beaten Mat: An Interview with Mark Gerow of Lunarythms Yoga

  My moon, my man’s a changeable land… Former actor and survival instructor, creative writer and a recovering Type A, Mark Gerow is the founder of Lunarythms Yoga™, a combination of polarity-therapy, Ayurveda, Yin and Hatha Yoga that tailors asanas to complement specific chakras associated with the position of the moon. He likes McDonald’s French Fries, drinks one […]

February 15th

Off the Beaten Mat: Interviews with a Yogi Comes to Green Options

 It’s 7 am. Do you know where your yogi is?  I’m a relative newcomer to the practice of yoga. I started with Bikram about a year ago and navigated my way through several different traditions until I discovered ashtanga. In my ongoing search for the “right” practice, I’ve tried a lot of different classes and […]

February 15th

Eco Yoga Mat Choices and Creative Recycling

Certified yoga instructor Isabella Samovsky of Solay Wellness in Skokie, Illinois solves some confusion over the appropriate eco mat for the right yoga practice. The cotton mats her company offers are mostly for hatha yoga exercises, yet also good for therapy, meditation and floor classes that don’t require too much flow. Isabella says a cotton […]

January 29th

Earth-friendly Yoga Mats?

One of the most difficult items to claim as earth friendly is a yoga mat. Since inquiring minds want to know, I’m giving it a shot. The variety of conclusions may surprise you. Chuck Blumenthal founded his Chicago company Bean Products in 1987. His small business launch was dedicated to universal comfort and environmental consciousness.

January 22nd

A Quiet Mind, A Balanced Life: The Widening Influence of Yoga & Meditation

 Slow Down Already! Quieting Our Minds, Beating Bad Habits We live in a time of uncontested availability. Through our cell phones, laptops, and social media networks, we volunteer ourselves to friends, foes and colleagues regardless of time change or desire. It has become increasingly difficult to shut out the world and concentrate in a culture […]

January 15th

I Can’t Believe it’s Yoga! The Top Five Brands for Stylish Yoga Wear

   Five Places You Might Not Expect to Find Stylish Yoga Wear: As environmentalism enters into the collective conscious, designers and retailers alike are looking to the healing arts for inspiration and guidelines as they embrace a greener lifestyle. Here is a list of the top five places to find affordable, well-designed yoga wear near […]

January 12th

Free Organic Cotton Yoga Mat from Gaiam for One Lucky Reader

Last week we featured a memory matching game by Gaiam, where players enjoy the possibility of winning amazing prizes too. This week, Gaiam has offered us a yoga prize for one lucky reader! Intrigued by our yoga articles on eco mats, gifts, and more, they have offered us this Organic Cotton Yoga Mat. “Meld eco […]

November 19th

Three Easy Ways to Ease Stress: Breathe, Notice Emotions, and Meditate

Breathe Deep: Use breath awareness to relax as yoga master Rodney Yee shows you a seated breathing pose. Feel at ease all day long by taking stretching and breathing breaks. Kundalini yoga, for example, is one of the best guided breathing classes you can take to harmonize your mind, and body and clear away negative […]

October 13th

Friday Find :: Anjaly Organic Cotton Yoga Clothing

I must admit that upon landing on the Anjaly site I found myself wanting to grab my mat and find the nearest yoga class.  I adore yoga and years ago during my very first class I wondered how I’d lived without it. It amazes me that it can simultaneously be one of the most strenuous of workouts […]

October 3rd

Maggie’s Organics Mantra Socks Good For Your Soul/Sole

Along with boosting my personal care regiment with more hydrating products, I have another secret weapon for surviving colder days ahead. As a California girl, I never had to think of these things as it was not long ago that I strolled in flip flops on the Huntington Beach pier on Christmas Day in 70 […]

September 28th

Make Sense of Your Scents

Welcome to April Aromatics where natural aromatherapy and perfumery for people, their homes and offices are offered. These products can rejuvenate moods, emotions and one’s state of mind from inside out. Ingredients are all natural, pure, wild-crafted and certified organic whenever possible. Founder Tanja Bochnig’s expertise is creating exclusive, all-natural scents and customized intuitive perfumes. […]

September 27th

Green Yoga Mats

When we go to a yoga class, we work to re-oxygenate our bodies with heart opening breathing exercises, inhale deeply, and breath in clean refreshing pure air. Unfortunately, many yoga mats are made of toxic materials that seep into the air. Worse yet, is hot yoga classes are often not ventilated. The best way to […]

June 15th

Yoga Interview with Ginger Coy

Yoga has been an interest of mine for quite some time now. We are joined now by Ginger Coy, a dear old friend of mine, who has recently completed a yoga teacher training and shares with us some of the ways yoga has changed her life. 1. Since you’ve become a yogi, what are some […]

June 7th

Video: “Wholeness” – the definition of Yoga and more…

Recently I wrote about inspirational Yoga Wisom. Now I’m tuning in again for this video which talks about the philosophy of wholeness, and defines all types of yoga. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Found on the Yoga Channel in StumbleUpon! StumbleUpon is fun and sometimes inspirational source for gems on the web. I find […]

May 16th

Yoga Wisdom

Lately I’ve been reading Liz Lark’s 1,001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom ~ Take your Practice Beyond the Mat. In fact, today as I picked up the book for a burst of inspiration I came across this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else […]

May 11th