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The Ultimate in Energy Efficiency: Super Insulating Silver-Dipped Clothing

Turn down the thermostat, boost your energy efficiency and stay warm during the coldest months with this crazy new sci-fi clothing technology. Scientists have discovered that clothing dipped in a silver nanowire solution (that’s super high-tech insulating stuff) creates a radiation insulation that will keep the wearer so warm, the need for indoor heating may […]

January 16th

4 DIY Recipes for Winter Skin

I know, I know…it’s only fall, but cool, dry weather is on the way, and protecting your skin from the change in temperature and humidity is the best way to keep it healthy. Check out these DIY recipes for winter skin!

October 22nd

Prevent Chapped Lips with this Mint Sugar DIY Lip Scrub

Fall is so close I can almost taste it! I’m going to miss shorts weather, but it will be nice to take the dog for a walk without coming home drenched in sweat. If you’re anything like me, chances are you struggle with chapped lips when the weather starts to get cool and dry. DIY lip scrub to the rescue!

September 10th

Healthy Chocolate & Eco-Friendly Snow and Ice Removal

Listen, laugh & learn with the Green Divas (and Green Dude Scott) anytime – Podcast here! Once again, we had one of our favorite guests, Green Dude Paul Miller, Coordinator for the Town of Morristown Office of Sustainability, in the studio with us. Of course, we carried on quite a bit about the benefits of supporting your local […]

February 7th

Getting Local Green Diva Style

Listen, laugh & learn with the Green Divas (and Green Dude Scott) anytime – Podcast here! You are going to hear us talking a lot this year about “gettin’ local wherever you are.” It’s kind of our 2012 theme. We’ve always believed strongly in supporting our local communities, but we’ve also always had a very national and […]

January 24th

EcoChi – Greening Your Nest for Winter

Was great to be back in the studio with a full crew and some extras! We got caught up a bit and talked about an article I’d written for our local daily newspaper about a few simple eco-resolutions we could consider for the New Year, which led to a discussion on strategies for succeeding with them!

January 10th

3 Quick Fixes for Natural Vacation Skincare

Instead of buying over-priced everyday moisturizers, or facial cleansers that are laced with chemicals which you probably can’t even pronounce, look around you. Take stock of the local ingredients provided to you by good ol’ Mother Nature.

Since I’ve been in this position a few times myself, I have discovered 3 quick fixes for naturally beautiful skin while on vacation!

December 10th