Green Wedding

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Reader Question: Where can I donate my wedding dress?

A reader wrote in asking where she could donate her wedding dress, and I bet there are other brides out there wondering the same thing. Not only are there places that take wedding dresses as donations, but many donate part or even all of the proceeds to worthy causes. Here are a few wedding dress donation options that look really good.

February 20th

Hey, Prince William and Kate… How about a Green Wedding?

Just in case you’ve been totally off the grid in recent days, there’s a royal wedding on the horizon: Great Britain’s Prince William and long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton announced their engagement this week. While the royal family is already hinting that this wedding won’t be the extravaganza seen in 1981 when Prince Charles married Princess Diana, there’s no doubt this will be a big affair… with a big carbon footprint to accompany it.

November 22nd

Wai-Ching Avant Garde Wedding Gowns

On Saturday, the most influential woman in my life is getting married. The love that radiates between her and her hubby-to-be is intoxicating- inspiring me to treat not only my boyfriend, but everyone in my life with as much respect and adoration as she does. With her wedding on my mind, I find my thoughts […]

December 24th

Eco-Elegant Earrings by Rebekah Green

If you are looking for beautiful eco-friendly earrings to wear for your wedding or for upcoming holiday parties, then look no further than Rebekah Green’s sustainable styles. Rebekah Green has eco-elegant studs, leverback drops, dangling leverbacks, hoops, chandeliers, and even children’s earrings all made from 100% recycled 14K and 18K gold, along with fair trade gemstones […]

November 8th

Yurt Living: Weddings + Special Events

Selene and Alex Cole have a US-neighbor company, Little Foot Yurts, in Nova Scotia. Their style is based on traditional Mongolian and Kazakh yurt designs. Most regions in the US have some style of yurt company these days, so what’s the big deal? The answer is rental and setup services.

October 28th

Green Weddings in Michigan

Are you planning a wedding in Michigan and you are hoping your big day will be a shade of green? Then look no further than the Traverse City area which boasts beautiful resorts, wineries, and bed and breakfasts-many that have gone green.

September 30th

Vintage Wedding Gowns on Etsy

I love looking at Vintage wedding gowns and accessories and Etsy is a great place to do it. You can find such amazing deals on Etsy. Check out this amazing 1950’s Tea Length wedding gown. It is flirty, feminine and sexy. I just love the 50’s styles they are so cute. The same seller has […]

July 30th

Portovert is Now WedVert

I always thought the name Portovert was a little off. Sure it means gateway to green or door to green but how many people are going to understand that. I think it was smart to change the name of the magazine to WedVert which pretty much means green wedding, which is what Portovert is all about. […]

July 28th

Silver Moon Vintage Bridal : Past, Present and Forever

Silver Moon is a wonderful Chicago-based vintage store with an online presence. Silver Moon features gorgeous perfectly in tact vintage bridal. By investing in a vintage garment, you are helping to extend the life of a fine hand-tailored luxury item that may end up in a museum costume collection one day (if it is cared for).

July 25th

Twobirds Bridesmaid: Kick the Ugly Bridesmaid Habit

  [social_buttons] Recently, I find myself adoring every eco-chic wedding site available. Daydreams of my wedding fill my mind, do-it-yourself projects collect on my list of “things never to forget” and wedding dress designer’s names are burned to my brain.  But please, don’t tell my boyfriend. During my numerous hours spent drooling over my computer […]

July 24th

Lab Created Gemstones Are More Eco Than Mined Gemstones

Are you looking for some beautiful bling but can’t stand the guilt of buying newly mined gemstones? Consider lab created gemstones. Synthetic diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are nearly identical to the real thing. In fact these sparkling beauties are physically, optically and chemically identical to the real thing. Minus the awful amount of mining […]

July 21st

Eco-Guide: How I Turned My Wedding Green (Part Two)

As part one of Eco-Guide: How I Turned my Wedding Green illustrated, it is entirely possible to green your wedding while still keeping the green in your pocketbook.  Two mantras are tantamount — Think Household Items, not Wedding Items, and Invest Time, not Money . In last week’s guide, I brought these two principles to […]

March 17th

Eco-Guide: How I Turned My Wedding Green (Part One)

Greening your wedding doesn’t automatically mean emptying all the green from your pocketbook. There are countless innovative ways you can have an eco-conscious wedding celebration — ways that go far beyond a hand-crafted wedding dress or an organic meal. In this eco-guide, learn how we minimized consumerism and pulled off a fabulously green wedding by […]

March 10th

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gowns That Won’t Break Your Budget

You may think that eco-conscious designers are way out of your price range but that’s not true. Several eco-friendly designers offer simple and sustainable wedding gowns for very reasonable prices. These beautifully green bridal gowns won’t bust your budget or break the bank. And the best thing…you’ll look gorgeous while being green.

March 6th