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The All Nighter :: Just What Your Hair Needs

What’s the secret to great looking hair? First, stop washing it so much to let your natural hair oils do their job regulating your scalp – then start using the first ever all natural hair powder and styling product for men and women…

November 10th

NEW Lip Shines from RMS Beauty: Sexy, sleek and stunning!

Eco beauty expert and Nature of Beauty president, Terri Bly, introduces rms beauty’s new, stunning ‘lip shine’ lip glosses, created by celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. Made with all organic ingredients plus mineral color, the lip shine is already the top pick by top model Gisele Bundchen, and certain to be a top-seller worldwide.

October 12th

Crystal Deodorant :: Not As Natural As You Think

This article came via Craig Payne over at Natural Cosmetic News – talk about interesting and informative! It’s always a mission to find natural deodorant that works and crystal deodorants are a topic of hot debate with info emerging that they’re not nearly as natural as they seem…

September 16th

Love, Learn and Heal with Color Therapy

Recently I mentioned my love for the Daily Om. While I shared a few of my favorite classes, I’m tuning in again on this topic now to share the most magical course I’ve signed up for so far : A Year of Color Therapy by Tori Hartman. Every week  for a year Tory talks […]

September 4th

Where Fast Fashion is Born

MAGIC, the world’s largest apparel trade show is where Fast Fashion finds its way from the design room to the retail shelves. This article focuses on the SOURCING expo and the eternal quest for more eco fabrics as I teach a number of Chinese textile reps about recycled materials. And discover a couple of cool eco designers along the way.

August 30th

Strange Invisible Perfumes :: Exquisite & Elegantly Sexy

Get ready to ditch your old notions about organic perfumes and prepare to be stunned. The original vanguard of luxury fragrance houses that sought to distinguish real perfumes from simple aromatheraphy, Strange Invisible Perfumes have ushered in a new era of botanical perfumery that’s driven by a perfectionist quest to design dazzling, evocative scent compositions…

August 26th

Eco-Friendly Fine Art by Sandhi Schimmel Gold

Sandhi Shimmel creates beautiful portraits from upcycled paper that might otherwise go to waste, each made from thousands of unrelated images and text. Assembled like a mosaic, an entirely new portrait, landscape or fantasy image is created from Sandhi’s imagination. She has a natural affinity for color.

August 25th

My Daily Om Love

Lately, when I’ve been in need of a little lift, I go to the Daily Om. I’ve taken most of thier classes, and almost always check my horoscope plus the Daily Om inspiration. Om or Aum is a sacred syllable (pictured above) that is often chanted in the beginning of a yoga class to set the tone. […]

August 20th

Scientific Organics :: New Kombucha Skincare.

Kombucha became a health phenomenon about 5yrs ago with converts swearing by its many health benefits. Considered disgusting to some (I personally love it), there’s nothing unpalatable about this new line of organic skincare from emerginC called Scientific Organics.

August 16th

Yoga and Aroma

Attention yoga instructors! … and students. Founder Tanja Bochnig of April Aromatics has been very busy with progressive changes in her life. In the past two years she expanded her AromaYoga offerings, refined products and re-designed her packaging. There are so many wonderful products, that I could write a book. Today, however, the focus is […]

July 26th