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Five Flirty Dresses for Spring

Spring has officially sprung, y’all! It’s time for playing outdoors, enjoying a break from the cold and dark of winter, and working some flirty spring dresses into your clothing rotation. Looking to update your spring wardrobe in a sustainable way? We’ve rounded up some cute, handmade, vintage, and organic spring dresses

March 28th

Six Gorgeous Vintage Finds for Fall

Fall is almost here, and if you’re getting your wardrobe ready for the change in seasons, shopping vintage is an excellent way to minimize your wardrobe’s footprint. When you support vintage sellers, you help keep clothing out of the landfill and get a beautiful garment with inherent history to boot.

These vintage pieces from Etsy scream fall fashion!

September 6th

Eco-luxury Infant Clothes Designer: Tina Bossy for Bossy Baby

Designer Tina Bossy’s company goals are to provide comfy and stylish cozy outfits for babies, and to help promote green living. She utilizes the softest organic cottons, huggable hemps, and a new collection of recyclable and vintage fabrics which are transformed into exclusive items. The newborn collection is designed for babies with sensitive skin. The […]

September 7th

Popomomo Introduces the Curatorial Collection

[social_buttons] This morning, per usual, I checked my email. A huge smile crossed my face when I saw an email from Lizz Wasserman, designer of Popomomo. With the words “Introducing” and “Collection” in the email’s subject I immediately, my heart racing, opened it. To my delirious satisfaction, my eyes soaked in picture after beautiful picture […]

August 29th

Taxi CDC- Recycled Wears

[social_buttons] Once upon a time, a young woman, oh let’s just call her Emily, was vintage shopping. She tried on garment after garment, in love with their colors, styles and worn appeal, yet nothing fit. She held handfuls of fabric behind her back, yanked hems up a couple inches, glared at long droopy sleeves and […]

August 4th

Vintage Wedding Gowns on Etsy

I love looking at Vintage wedding gowns and accessories and Etsy is a great place to do it. You can find such amazing deals on Etsy. Check out this amazing 1950’s Tea Length wedding gown. It is flirty, feminine and sexy. I just love the 50’s styles they are so cute. The same seller has […]

July 30th

Silver Moon Vintage Bridal : Past, Present and Forever

Silver Moon is a wonderful Chicago-based vintage store with an online presence. Silver Moon features gorgeous perfectly in tact vintage bridal. By investing in a vintage garment, you are helping to extend the life of a fine hand-tailored luxury item that may end up in a museum costume collection one day (if it is cared for).

July 25th

Vintage Wedding Gowns on Etsy

Buying vintage is trendy and very eco-hip. If you are planning a green wedding, vintage wedding gowns are very popular. Many cost a fortune at specialty vintage stores and vintage wedding gown sites but I just found a couple on Etsy.com that are super reasonably priced. They are simple and elegant and might be perfect […]

September 27th

Designer Mariouche Turns Controversial Fur Green

Time for fall/winter fashions and when it comes to staying warm in freezing temperatures, the eco-minded public feels left in the cold by more than the weather. There aren’t many choices beyond synthetics. So what’s the solution? The answer lies in one’s moral perspective on what constitutes a sustainably made garment. Some find it strange […]

August 30th

Have a Cool Vintage Party with Famous Tee Shirts

Many believe vintage shopping to be one step closer to protecting the planet! When I’m not around to swing by a favorite buy-sell-trade boutique like the Painted Bird, I find digging around online for styles the next best thing. Recycling clothing and finding creative wardrobe solutions like Dig ‘N’ Swap are truly the way to […]

August 28th

Dig ‘N’ Swap is a Hot New Fashion Trading Game

Dig ‘N’ Swap is a fun fashion trading game. D&S has the ultimate goal of lessening strain on natural resources by allowing a fashion item to go through several lives. Above is a black dress and a hot pink gown that may need altering but will definitely be an eye catching party dress given a […]

August 27th