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Four Resources for Re-selling Your High-End Clothing Online

Ever wonder if there’s a place for your second hand clothing that doesn’t require you to pile your clothing in a bag, and take it to the nearest trading company or consignment shop? Aside from starting your own Etsy store, of course – is there a place to sell your designer clothing online for what its actually worth – to people who actually understand it’s value? Here’s four ways to do just that.

March 13th

5 Gorgeous Vintage Dresses for Spring

Spring is officially just a few weeks away here in the northern hemisphere, and that means it’s time to dust off those flirty spring dresses that were in the back of your closet! Do you feel like your wardrobe needs a little bit of refreshing this season? What better way to keep it stylish but also eco-friendly than with some vintage dresses that are perfect for spring?

February 27th

Five Tips to Successful Thrifting

Better known by “Juniper James,” the name of her company, and her childhood imaginary friend, Kari is an independent fashion stylist and blogger in Sacramento. Specializing in all things thrift, second hand and unique, she’s a wealth of information for those of us that aren’t sure where to begin. Not to mention, she’s an expert at throwing together an outfit for almost any occasion with less than $20. Here’s five of her most helpful tips.

February 14th

Plywood People: Using Excess Material to Solve Global Issues of Need and Suffering

Two years after their launch, Plywood is regularly providing seminars and events for social enterprises and nonprofits looking to grow and expand, as well as selling cards that are handmade in Rwanda from banana leaves, bracelets and necklaces that are handmade in Uganda from magazine paper and bags and wallets handmade by refugees with materials provided from outdoor advertising companies.

November 1st

5th Season: Clothing Reborn

At 5th Season, waste is the only material used to create backpacks, handbags, iPad sleeves and makeup bags, among other products. Oguchi’s material comes from coffee bag burlap, cotton textiles, cherry wood taken from tree cuttings, old clothing and other recycled material. Apart from each season’s line of bags, she also regularly creates custom made products out of old materials brought to her by customers. She has used old dresses, jeans and even a grandfather’s shirt to create bags that are not only recycled, but sentimental.

September 13th

No Child Left Inside & What You Can Do

In between, we had excellent reports from GD Lisa on some very practical AND interesting ideas for repurposing stuff; and from GD Scotty on a new eco-friendly lighting solution – the Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) solution by a company called VU1.

August 23rd

Thrift Store Savvy: Wearing Nothing New

This super-quick TED talk from Jessi Arrington was so inspiring!

In this 5 minute video, Jessi confesses that she buys every single stitch of clothing that she owns from second hand shops. Check out the talk and some tips on scoring awesome thrift store and vintage finds!

August 8th