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Etsy Finds: Spring Dresses

Spring is here! Are you as excited as I am about wearing flirty dresses without having to layer leggings or tights underneath? If your dress stash is looking a little bit lean this year, now’s the time to stock up with some beautiful vintage finds.

April 22nd

Mariel Hemingway on The Willing Way (Podcast)

We finally got to talk to one of our Green Diva heroes, the beautiful and inspiring actress, author and activist, Mariel Hemingway. She is one busy lady these days with a documentary about her life as a Hemingway, Running From Crazy, and her new book, The Willing Way and many worthy projects in between.

March 6th

Spotted: Update an Old Necklace with Nail Polish

It seems like every year there are new hip colors and color combinations, but buying all new accessories to keep up with that ever-changing palette is expensive and not so hot for the planet. Instead of hitting the big box store for a new necklace in wine tones for fall, you can grab a couple of bottles of nail polish and update something that’s already in your jewelry box!

November 26th

Fall Style: Cozy Handmade Finds for Fall

The leaves around here are starting to change, and it’s time to pull out those boots and tights and get bundled up for FALL! You don’t have to hit the big box store to stock up on scarves and sweaters. Instead, you add some handmade love to your fall style this year and do something good for the planet while you support some handmade artists at the same time!

October 19th

Mending Basics: 4 Simple Techniques to Repair Damaged Clothes

Fall is here! As you pull your fall gear out of the back of the closet, are you finding any pieces that have a few imperfections? Maybe there’s a split seam here and a missing button there. Don’t let these little things stop you from hanging on to an otherwise wearable garment! Check out these basic mending stitches to repair damaged clothes.

October 3rd

DIY T-Shirt Scarf

It’s officially fall! Time to pull out your cozy cold-weather gear and maybe beef up your fall wardrobe with some new-to-you fall fashion. This assymetrical spin on a t-shirt scarf is easy to make and super comfy to boot!

October 1st

What do to With Single-Occasion Dresses

My closet has accumulated quite a few formal dresses that don’t really work for any other occasion: bridesmaid’s dresses, high school formal gowns, etc. I felt a little guilty about the waste of money and resources, so I decided to do something about it. Here are a few of the better options I’ve found to repurpose an old formal dress.

June 23rd

How-to: Clean Thrift Store Shoes

So, after Maria’s roundup last week of DIY shoe refashions, have you hit the thrift store for shoes to alter?

If the thing that’s holding you back is the ick factor, ick no more! It might seem gross to wear second hand shoes – especially styles that don’t call for socks – but armed with the right cleaning products, you can wear your thrifted shoes without worrying about picking up some nasty foot fungus. I’ve been wearing second hand shoes for years, even ballet flats, and so far this method has worked for me!

June 11th