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Mainstream Brands with Sustainable Fashion Collections

Cute, trendy sustainable clothes can be hard to come by, but some sustainable fashion collections are easier to find than you might think! Recently, eco-friendly fashion has become slightly more popular, and a lot of big-name brands (think: H&M, Topshop, Zara) are jumping on the trend.

August 17th

Turn a Cropped Tee into a Banded Tee

Portia at Makery shared this ingenious tutorial for lengthening a cropped tee, and I have to tell you: it’s awesome. And simple. If you can sew a straight line on your machine, you can do this simple DIY refashion.

February 10th

Secondhand Stores are Being Overloaded by Fast Fashion

If you think your fast fashion addiction is justifiable because you always donate items to secondhand stores whenever you buy new items, guess again. The Huffington Post reports that our fast fashion shopping addictions are taking a toll on secondhand stores. There’s simply too much coming in for these stores to keep up with, reports […]

November 21st

These Cool Nike Shoes Really Grow on You (Really)

What’s more iconic than a pair of really cool Nike shoes? Not much. The brand has maintained its posture in the vast array of footwear over the decades, and continues to clean up its act when it comes to sweatshops and sustainability issues. Now, French artist Christophe Guinet aka “Mr. Plant” has taken Nike shoes to another realm of coolness.

November 7th

DIY Dorm Decor Makes Your Room Your Own

And you thought DIY just meant do-it-yourself. A dorm room is yours to use, so why not make it yours to create? Check out these quick and easy ideas on how to turn essentials into room décor!

September 3rd

Tips for Making Your Own Clothes

Have you been wanting to try making some of your own clothes but were a little intimidated? I hear ya! Sewing a tote bag is one thing, but following a pattern or fitting a dress is a whole different ballgame. Making your own clothes can seem a little bit scary at first, and the tips below all have helped me get over the hump and dive into a (partially) handmade wardrobe!

July 23rd

Three Brands to Watch: Berlin Ethical Fashion Show

I attended the Ethical Fashion Show and Green Showroom this week during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. The event is hailed as the largest European platform for ecologically and fairly produced fashions. More than 74 international street wear and casual wear labels presented their 2014 summer collections at the Ethical Fashion Show. Labels showcased 100% […]

Topshop UK and Reclaim To Wear

Orsola de Castro and Filippo Ricci, founders of Reclaim To Wear, have collaborated with Topshop in a second capsule collection of up-cycled pieces featuring a printed floral theme for the summer season. Topshop seeks to fuse style and sustainability in this partnership. The company website states, “We’re giving a new lease of life to some of the disregarded prints of […]