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Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day Makeup

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Whether you got up in the middle of the night or not, you have surely seen footage by now. And have probably heard the rumor that brand new Princess, Kate Middleton, created her own beautiful makeup look on her big day. Learn how to re-create her look with all natural and organic cosmetics.

May 6th

USDA Launches Disappointing New “BioBased” Label

As consumers increasingly look to third party certifications when choosing natural and/or organic products, the USDA has often been held up as the gold standard for US-based products. This month, they announced the launch of their new BioBased label, designed to give companies the opportunity to seek certification without meeting the food-grade standard of USDA Certified Organic. Unfortunately, the gap between USDA Certified Organic and the new BioBased standard is so large, it will likely only increase consumer confusion and decrease America’s standards for what are truly natural, organic, and sustainable consumer goods.

January 25th