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Great Green Design for Home, Office & Pets

GD Lisa’s Take Two repurposing segment complemented the theme before we got on the air with Kari Whitman from LA, who is the eco-interior designer to the stars. Go to her website and see fun pics of her gorgeous AND earth-friendly design work for celebrities like Jessica Alba, Viginia Madsen and Emilio Estevez – and their pets too!

September 20th

Did You Meet Irene This week?

It’s been a pretty wierd week here on the East Coast. We experienced the shake, rattle and roll of an earthquake here at GD Headquarters earlier in the week, and then it was like an episode of Rescue Me here with our local Fire Fighters showed up TWICE to help us pump out the basement with 3 feet of water rising fast after Irene had her way with us.

August 30th

No Child Left Inside & What You Can Do

In between, we had excellent reports from GD Lisa on some very practical AND interesting ideas for repurposing stuff; and from GD Scotty on a new eco-friendly lighting solution – the Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) solution by a company called VU1.

August 23rd

Driving in Eco-Style

Our feature interview was with our favorite green car dude, John Voelcker, Sr. editor of High Gear Media / Get the latest news on plug-in technology, fuel cell test cars in California and biodiesel and trends as all the major car companies are gearing up for full production of electric cars by 2015. Hear John’s prediction about the top two fuels of the future.

July 26th

Nano Zinc Oxide: Should You Really Steer Clear?

With summer in full swing (an understatement in much of the country), everyone is talking about sunscreen, as new research emerges putting into question the safety of a whole host of common sunscreen ingredients, including nano zinc oxide. And with good reason.

July 25th

Stylin Eco-Moms

Our feature interview was with Kimberly Pinkson, co-founder of, a great website for all things natural, green and organic babies and kids! Kimberly shared some great tips for traveling with your kids this summer and how to keep them and the earth as healthy as possible.

July 19th

Bring Your Own Jars and Electric Cars

And our featured guest, David Anderson, founder and publisher of Important Media (a network of amazing green and socially conscious living blogs, including this one!) to talk about how we are finding and sharing information on sustainable living.

July 12th

Eco-Spirituality, Bamboo Clothing and Helping the Homeless

Laugh, learn and listen to the Green Divas Radio Show & Podcast!

A profound show to say farewell to HomeGrownRadioNJ as we move on to our new studio digs – WMTR 1250AM in June. There was a wonderful energy in the studio, which was partly because of our in-studio guest, author Caroline Fairless, who brought a light-hearted, but powerful message about connecting the green/sustainability movement to the awesome spirit of nature. We talked about Caroline’s book, The Space Between Church and Not-Church: A Sacramental Vision for the Healing of Our Earth.

May 31st

Naturopathica: Navigating the Tricky Intersection of Purity and Performance

Finding a line of skin care that successfully blends the best of nature and technology, with products that are equally safe and effective, is no easy feat – and that perhaps goes double if you are creating a line designed for high-end spas. But Naturopathica founder Barbara Close has spent over 15 years attempting to do just that. Her expansive line of skin care includes products that are EcoCert Certified Organic, Ecocert Certified Natural, and some that are neither, due to the use of synthetics like Glycolic Acid or Vitamin C. Her decision to use a combination of organic, natural, and synthetic ingredients has created some controversy regarding the “purity” of her product line. But is the criticism deserved, or has Close successfully navigated the tricky intersection of purity and performance?

May 30th

Chef Michel Nischan: Sustainable Food in Style

Laugh, learn and listen to the Green Divas Radio Show & Podcast!

The image above includes the beautiful Joanne Woodward, Green Diva Jenifer, Chef Nischan and of course, yours truly, GD Megis one of our very favorite sustainable food chef/advocates. He is an award-winning cookbook author, chef and restaurateur (partner/owner of the Dressing Room with the handsome and generous Mr. Paul Newman, whom we all miss).

May 17th