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Naturopathica: Navigating the Tricky Intersection of Purity and Performance

Finding a line of skin care that successfully blends the best of nature and technology, with products that are equally safe and effective, is no easy feat – and that perhaps goes double if you are creating a line designed for high-end spas. But Naturopathica founder Barbara Close has spent over 15 years attempting to do just that. Her expansive line of skin care includes products that are EcoCert Certified Organic, Ecocert Certified Natural, and some that are neither, due to the use of synthetics like Glycolic Acid or Vitamin C. Her decision to use a combination of organic, natural, and synthetic ingredients has created some controversy regarding the “purity” of her product line. But is the criticism deserved, or has Close successfully navigated the tricky intersection of purity and performance?

May 30th