Toxic Ingredients

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Natural Remedies: Razor Burn

Tired of bumpy, itchy skin after you shave your bikini line? There are lots of store-bought products that you can use to treat razor burn, but they’re often full of mystery ingredients. Next time you shave, try one of these simple, natural solutions to razor burn instead!

June 18th

5 Best Essential Oils For Beautiful Hair

Used with the correct carrier oils, essential oils can treat dandruff and psoriasis of the scalp, alopecia arreata, and itchy scalp. The right oils can actually reduce oiliness. They can also smooth, soften, and reduce split ends in dry hair as well as encouraging circulation in the scalp. These 5 oils are the most versatile and useful for promoting gorgeous hair.

March 17th

Deodorant Test: Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

I have tried a lot of natural deodorants. I mean, a LOT of them. I have 7 different sorts in my bathroom right now, and those are just the ones I’m using at the moment. One of the keys to effective natural deodorant use is rotating them out, so I always keep a few in the cabinet. Of course, when the folks at Naturally Fresh offered to send me a couple of their natural deodorants to test, I jumped at the chance! I mean, what’s 2 more tubes in my growing collection of deodorants, right?

March 2nd

8 Baking Soda Beauty Recipes

Baking Soda helps items maintain the perfect acidity level and can also buffer substances from further pH changes. These dual capabilities allow it to neutralize odors, such as in your refrigerator, and maintain a pH level, such as in laundry water. Enough with the science, let’s throw open the garage door and show you how you can use baking soda in your personal care.

December 12th