Toxic Ingredients

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FDA Testing on Chemical Ingredients: Are we safe?

We’ve covered potentially toxic personal care ingredients to avoid in the past here at FeelGood Style, but a question that often comes up is why should people be concerned? After all, doesn’t the FDA test chemical ingredients and safeguard citizens when those chemicals turn out to not be safe? There are a number of reasons […]

July 2nd

DIY Beauty: Beat Breakouts with a Tomato Lemon Face Mask

The best way to fight breakouts is by preventing them in the first place, both from the inside out and on the surface. A healthy diet full of fruits and veggies can go a long way towards healthier skin, and drinking plenty of water can also help prevent breakouts. On the outside, it’s of course important to keep your face clean, but you can add a little oomph to your breakout-fighting routine with this tomato lemon face mask!

August 17th

DIY Banana Milkshake Hair Mask

This mask is great because the bananas are packed full of nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B6, folate and other good-for-your-hair ingredients while the coconut milk contains lauric acid which helps to keep your hair strong and cleans away any dead skin cells which may have gotten trapped in your tresses.

August 11th

Treat Your Bikini Line with Project FIG

I will be honest here and say that I am terrible about shaving in general. I tend to shave more in the summer but even then it’s usually when we’re headed to the beach, pool, or lake, and I shave my bikini line less often than my pits or legs because I seem to get itchy razor burn no matter what I do.

That’s where Project FIG comes in. Their mission is to give women (and men, but the company was started by and for women) healthier skin choices.

July 2nd