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Eco Glasses, Eco Eyewear, and Recycled Glasses: 4 Truly Eco Eyewear Companies

Consumers shopping for environmentally friendly eyewear should be wary of unsubstantiated claims by optical companies. Given the large amounts of water and energy necessary to produce and ship a pair of glasses, significant efforts are needed to make optics production sustainable. Eyewear companies selling “eco glasses” in a truly sustainable manner are far and few in between. Here are a few truly eco options.

January 6th

5 Stunning Eco-Friendly Necklace Finds

We’ve talked before about jewelry’s environmental impact, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the bling! With a little bit of care, it’s easy as pie to find a necklace that you feel good about. Here are five finds to get you started! 1. Blue on Blue A statement necklace can turn any […]

January 3rd

Five Gorgeous, Organic Scarves for Fall

Wow, fall certainly rolled right in! It went from temperate and sunny to gusty and chilly overnight. When temperatures start dropping, there’s nothing like a cozy scarf to keep you warm. I’m drooling over these organic cotton, handmade Etsy finds!

November 8th

Eco-Friendly Fashion: 10 Tips for Supporting Green, Sustainable Fashion

Green fashion is more prevalent than ever. At one point it was typical to sacrifice style in order to support the eco-friendly fashion initiative. However, more and more designers are implementing green fashion practices into their designs and construction. Being eco-chic is possible, you just need to know the facts. Here we provide you some tips for supporting green fashion, and how you can implement it into your wardrobe.

November 2nd

Eco-Chic Exhibit at Scandinavia House, NYC

The “Eco Chic | Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion” exhibit runs through August 21st, and is a lovely showcase of sustainable fashion coming out of Sweden. I had never entered the Swedish Embassy (aka Nordic House) before, so this was a pleasant surprise. The exhibit is on the second floor, but on the ground floor they […]

August 2nd

Solar Watches that are Chic (not Geek)

If you’re under the impression that a solar-powered watch is a fashion accessory most appropriate for a Star Trek convention, you’ve got no reason to apologize… a quick look at the history of these timepieces shows that gadgetry often overtook style in the development of sun-powered wrist watches. Just take a look at some of […]

Eco-Fashion: Going Green at The Museum at FIT in New York City

This lava colored dress is from Costello Tagliapietra’s spring 2010 collection and gets its color via AirDye technology. Photo Courtesy AirDye via Creative Commons License Eco-Fashion: Going Green The Museum at FIT through November 13 This exhibit is free of charge and housed in the museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology, one of the […]

July 19th

Soft Footprint from Naya Shoes

Naya is into the combo of beauty and comfort, ‒ all while respecting the well-being of our environment. This is a footwear company for women that softens footprints! The colors are rich and vibrant with unique and creative details. There are six collections on the Naya site now. The final picture is a glimpse of […]

June 24th